Why go for Supervision?

Sam Beckett, NO HANDS Massage MasterBy Sam Beckett, NO HANDS Master
During my Assessment year, I went for 3 consecutive Master Support Sessions with Master Sophie. Though a little daunting, I relished the opportunity to have constructive feedback from a Master about the strengths and weaknesses of my Massage.

Firstly, I wanted to know that I was embodying the Postural Keys. For instance, was I really Falling? Was my work Flowing?

Next, I wanted to know that the five styles of Massage that I was offering were actually distinguishable from each other and not simply five versions of Nurturing style!

I also wanted some help around zero-strain as I could feel strain in my back with strokes like rolling pin, hurdler and glut rock.

The learning I got from having such personal attention was hugely powerful. I remember giving a Releasing Massage with Sophie by my side, actively encouraging me, “Come on Sam, let go, more, let go, come on Sam!” With that level of support, I was able to really go for it and harness the feeling of what makes a Massage releasing. When checking out my Repleting style, I remember Sophie turning to me and saying, “Where did you go? That was Repeleting at arm’s length! You have to Massage with your whole self!”

These were powerful, breakthrough moments in my NO HANDS journey. My Massage was never the same again.

Why go for Supervision? Why would you not?!

To find out more about Master Support Sessions, click here.
Sam runs her clinic in Walton on Thames and became a Master in 2014. She has since become a Supervising Master herself as well as joining the Examining team.

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