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Massage is one of the best professions on the planet – and with the right support can offer you a long, fruitful career. There’s a myth that aches and pains, and even only being able to work for 2-3 years, are “part of the job description” – 30 years and thousands of students later, I can well and truly bust that myth out of the water!

"I could not have done Massage professionally without NO HANDS… The practical support and guidance in building my practice by building a strong brand name is fabulous – and unique. "
- Ella Severynen
"Every now and then I get into a panic and think I should be learning a different bodywork technique, so that I have more to offer clients. Then I come on a NO HANDS Massage course and everything I need to know is right there. I’m reminded again that I don’t need anything else…"
- Yvonne Hayes
"Thought my days of massage were over – now able to give massage again – oh joy!

Also thought I would be totally exhausted after three full days of massage – I was buzzing for the following week! Really enjoyed the courses."

- Lorraine Gray

Get Started Right Away - Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power – and staying fighting fit is definitely key to every Massage practitioner’s career. The Knowledge is Power series provides information vital to every Massage and Bodywork professional – and is free to access.



Working without TRAUMA

No matter how many techniques you have in your Massage toolbox, if they’re not zero-strain they will take you one step closer to injury (and potentially disability) every day. Knowing you can work all day, every day, completely zero-strain – now that’s something worth investing in.

Working with STRUCTURE and ENERGY

…and zero-strain doesn’t mean off the body or “light”. With NO HANDS I had to re-write the rule book so I could deliver the full range of therapeutic Touch clients arrived asking for. Especially the deep, powerful Touch that so many first-time clients arrive asking for.

Working with the PSYCHE

Having solved the zero-strain issue and delivering treatments more powerful than I had ever imagined, I found clients taking more potent therapeutic outcomes than I’d been trained to expect. Incorporating the key elements of my 7 years of psychotherapeutic training into NO HANDS courses means you get to access this knowledge and understanding, as applied to Massage. To keep you and your clients safe.


Take a look inside a NO HANDS course – and see what you could be offering your clients.

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TRANSFORMING TOUCH (the Foundations of NO HANDS Massage) gives you three days of NO HANDS Massage training to integrate this powerful new approach into your existing treatments. You’ll learn strokes to take straight back into your treatment room, the postural secrets that underpin zero-strain working in any modality, and how to help your clients get even more powerful outcomes from their treatments with you.

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