Hope in Hard Times

By Sam Beckett, NO HANDS Master

Samantha Beckett, NO HANDS Master

The end of one year and beginning of a new is often time for reflection. As I reflect upon 2020, and more specifically the effect of the pandemic upon my business, I feel very positive.

At the start of the pandemic when lockdown was announced, I felt truly despondent. To me, it sounded like the death knell to the work I have enjoyed for the last 23 years; I could hardly believe it. I cancelled clients and spent my days walking, homeschooling and volunteering at our local Foodbank. Lockdown eventually lifted and Government told us that we were allowed to work again, albeit in masks and visors.

I, however, was not one of those therapists who couldn’t wait to get back to the treatment room. I hated the idea of PPE and the additional cleaning regimen. Plus, I couldn’t quite reconcile the fact that I was having to walk in the road sometimes in order to avoid other pedestrians, yet the nature of our work means that we are in ‘closer than close’ contact!

So, I listened. I listened a lot. To my colleagues, fellow NO HANDers, on our weekly Connect calls. Some had got straight back at it. Each had found their own way and some even preferred having to don the PPE as it seemed to give them permission to breathe even more fully than they had before. I felt inspired.

Eventually, I filtered what felt right for me and then when the kids returned to school in September, I telephoned each and every one of my clients inviting them to return for their treatments. Most booked in immediately, reinstating their standing orders. A couple of clients haven’t come back yet as their financial situation has drastically changed. However, I have gained new clients,  through word-of-mouth, and a couple of clients have increased the frequency of their appointments.

This latest winter lockdown has been challenging but I remain hopeful. I thought I had heard the death knell for my career; instead I find my clients and I are even more committed to making space for safe, healing Touch.

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