Day 19: Love is a Doing Thing

I saw this cartoon online recently and really liked it.
The one thing I felt it missed, though, was the fact that love doesn’t come in a box. Because Love is a Doing Thing.
Saying “I love you” can be a throw away linguistic habit – or it can be an act of great bravery and courage.

Acting in a way that shows your love brings a whole new significance and weight to it.

That might be love for a friend: giving them a call when you know they’re having a hard time.
Love for your community: volunteering to shop for a neighbour who’s shielding.
Love for the planet: looking at ways to reduce your carbon footprint and treat more lightly on the earth.
The times I feel like I am most enacting my love for humanity and the planet is when I’m Massaging. We even came up with a number that linked Love in Action with NO HANDS (that number was 11 but the why of that 11 is for another day).
Because when I’m doing NO HANDS my focus is on being the best human I can possibly be, to honour the client who has given me the great privilege of Massaging them.
To honour the agreements we’ve made.
To do what I say, say what I mean, and mean what I say and do.
Sounds simple – and yet all of the above is so often lacking in every day life.
That’s giving NO HANDS – what about receiving NO HANDS as a client? Again, love in action: a truly Masterful NO HANDS treatment is one of the most soothing, self-nurturing and replenishing experiences I know. If not THE most soothing, self-nurturing and replenishing experience I know. The phrase “charity begins at home” could well also be phrased “love begins at home”. And not just at home – with ourselves.
Just as every emergency responder first asks “Will my next action endanger my health or life?”, it’s important we recognise our own needs for love and care first and foremost. Because you can’t pour from an empty cup. What that self-care and self-love looks like is different for everyone – but if safe, powerful Touch is something that works for you, booking yourself an extra NO HANDS treatment or learning how to give and receive NeuroTouch are two excellent starting points.

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