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Since it’s inception 13 years ago, the TRANSFORMING TOUCH course has, quite literally, transformed the touch of thousands of therapists in the UK and beyond. How? By challenging these therapists to try doing things differently – across pretty much every area of their work. As with any course, it’s up to each individual student to decide what to use in their own clinical practice after the course but the stories of the NO HANDS Masters are testament to what a difference “going the whole way” with NO HANDS can make. To your health. To your practice. And to your life.

So if you’re wondering if TRANSFORMING TOUCH is for you, are you up for…

A new way to think about Touch

These days the term “Massage” conjures up one of three things:

  1. a treatment to “fix” the body – most often to “fix” muscles
  2. a “pamper” treatment which feels nice but is in no way a potent therapeutic intervention
  3. a euphemism for sex (sad but true!)

Within NO HANDS we believe something very different: that Touch is one of the most potent healing forces on the planet, and that it’s not us as the therapist that does the healing – it’s the client. We simply deliver the Touch. So as a therapist we might deliver a very similar treatment to two different clients – and yet those two clients would take that Touch and trust their own body’s inner wisdom to use it to have very different outcomes from each other.

The NO HANDS Mission statement sums it up: To heal the world through the power of transformational touch


A new way to move

NO HANDS was first developed by founder, Gerry Pyves, as a result of his own acute injury that he sustained as a direct result of being a Massage therapist. Sadly there is an injury pandemic affecting our industry which very few people are talking about – and having found a way to keep Massaging in his own practice, Gerry realised this approach could transform the health and career longevity of practitioners around the world. But it does involve moving very differently! You’ll learn about the Seven Postural Keys which run through every NO HANDS stroke as well as being able to offer a completely zero-strain treatment to your clients immediately after completing the course.

But be prepared for some aching muscles! As you’ll know from having done anything a bit different with your body (like taking up a new sport), you may well find aches in muscles you never knew you had by the end of your first day of training…


A new table set up

A fundamental element of NO HANDS training is to ensure that your work is 100% zero strain, 100% of the time. As mentioned above, this means that you need to move in a way which is totally different from most traditional Massage trainings – including adjusting the height of your table and providing different support for your client.


A new way to use music

Music in NO HANDS is way more than “just background” – it’s a fundamental part of the treatment. The right music can take any treatment to another level entirely and throughout your NO HANDS training you’ll be introduced to Gerry’s library of “tried and tested” music. Music’s impact on the unconscious also has a perhaps unexpected benefit: many students find that simply playing music from the course back in their treatment rooms helps them remember the strokes she had just learned and put everything from the course into practise in their clinic. You may well find yourself on a course Massaging to music you might never before have considered using in a treatment.


A new way to learn…as a CLIENT

The essence of NO HANDS is the feel of it. And how can we understand the true scope and breadth of a stroke if we haven’t experienced its power for ourselves? This is why on every NO HANDS course you will learn not just by watching and doing – but by FEELING every stroke that you’ll be able to offer. And feeling not as a therapist, wondering what the practitioner is doing, but feeling as a Client. As someone desperate to receive this wonderfully healing Touch in our painfully Touch-starved world.


A new way to communicate

The entire NO HANDS training is infused by Gerry’s love and application of the core principles of Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis (TA) psychotherapy. A qualified TA psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer, Gerry has integrated these powerful ideas into how each course is delivered as well as into the treatments themselves. These ideas help keep you safe and within your professional boundaries, while also recognising the potential for very powerful release and transformation in your clients. Gerry’s own experience from seeing the shifts in his psychotherapy clients, and his Massage clients, side by side was that the Massage clients were making at least as much progress in their lives as those engaged in psychotherapy – and often much more.


…and much more

Of course, there will be aspects of these challenges which you may already be familiar with – and TRANSFORMING TOUCH simply provides an invitation to try this very different way of working out for 3 days, and then see where it leaves you. The truth is that even students who attend just TRANSFORMING TOUCH find immense value in the philosophies and approaches they learn on these three days – not least because they now have a way to work without injury for the rest of their career.

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