Your Weekly Massage – inaugural session

During these times of physical isolation during Gerry’s Your Weekly Massage Zoom sessions you can experience the benefits of Touch using the power of your mind and Gerry’s decades of training and clinical expertise – all from wherever you are in the world.

Get a flavour of these sessions by watching the video below. To get the full impact of these sessions make sure to join Gerry LIVE – details beneath the video:

Learn more about the THREE PRIMAL MOVEMENTS and the BREATH work Gerry uses here in his FREE resource “Tools for Resilience”

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Comments ( 5 )

  • Rosie Press

    Thankyou so much Gerry. I’ve been doing distant Reiki and Distant Reflexology with some amazing responses. This seems an important development in this new area of distant everything!

  • Faradena Afifi

    Good job there Gerry, spread the healing around!

  • Janet

    Thank you Gerry, I’m so glad to get the replay as I couldn’t make it live. What a gorgeous session, I feel so calm, steady, centred and slower, deeper breathing. I haven’t felt like this for quite a long time now and I’m very glad of it. And how about a yoga studio in Goa?! That was nice to go back to. Looking forward to the next one <3 <3

  • Kristin Mohn

    Thank you! I’ve just done this self massage, as I missed Sunday. I’m feeling so grounded and calm, ready for my new job as a cook/housekeeper. Just one question: What is the beautiful music? Think I must get it. Thank you again.

    • Tigger MacGregor

      The music is Achillea, The Nine Worlds, Kristin. So glad you were able to benefit from the session

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