We Need to Tackle Trauma

Touch is proving fundamental in treating trauma

In the 30 years of my Massage practice I have been amazed at the transformations my clients have made. On every level of being human, Touch created an alchemy for huge life shifts that took months if not years in my psychotherapy practice. So I was phenomenally excited to discover the latest neuroscientific breakthroughs which back up what we as clinicians have known for years: Touch is one of the most potent healers on the planet.

Yet Massage and Touch remain sidelined in addressing the health crises we see today – especially around mental health and trauma.

As Touch specialists, we need to be fully informed in our work so we can be the champions of Touch

Along with our own self-doubt and limiting beliefs (we all have them – whether they’re in our awareness or not), in general the importance of touch in treating “serious” conditions is either ignored or put down. This means it is vital for us to be clinically competent and fully up-to-date.

The Massage for Trauma day offers this. Lifetime access to a review of the latest neuroscience. An applied and practical day using and experiencing the most effective trauma-soothing protocols for your clinic. And perhaps most important of all, the soothing of your own nervous system by spending a day with like-minded and passionate colleagues – knowing you’re one of a growing army, not a lone soldier out on your own.

The world needs this Touch – don’t miss this opportunity

PLACES ARE FILLING UP: now is the time to take action for you and your clients. Leaving your decision even an extra day could mean you remain unable to best serve those clients most in need of the powerful somatic nervous system soothing you’ll learn on this day. This day is open to all Massage Therapists – no need to have done any prior NO HANDS training. The material is too important to limit its spread in any way. So if you have a friend or colleague who might be interested, make sure to pass this on to them too. Only by working together can we achieve the transformation in attitudes to Touch that are needed.

By Gerry Pyves

Founder and Creator of NO HANDS Massage

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