Learn NO HANDS Massage

TRANSFORMING TOUCH: An online peer review Advanced Massage training course

Gerry Pyves“I’m delighted you’re interested in learning NO HANDS Massage, protecting your career and bringing an entirely new energy to your work with clients. You’ve certainly come to the right place. The sole purpose of this pre-registration page is for you to find out if this course is for you. So let’s get stuck in.” Gerry Pyves, NO HANDS Massage Founder & Creator

Simply watch the three videos below and download the Course Outline. They explain what is involved and what is taught so you can assess if this course is for you – if it is, simply sign-up and get stuck in. I recommend you watch the videos in the order they appear below.

1) A NO HANDS Treatment

Watch Gerry deliver a treatment using only the strokes you’ll be learning on this course. Don’t be fooled by the “simplicity” of the strokes: what you’re seeing is over 3 decades of clinical practice embodied in Gerry’s work – and if you’ve been doing something that long, it can very often look “simple” to an outsider!

More importantly, trying to deliver these strokes without proper training is dangerous for both your own health and your clients: we strongly recommend you don’t risk it!

The music Gerry is working to is “One Hundred Thousand Angels” by Bliss

2) The NO HANDS Philosophy: The Melt Factor


Although it started as a way to address the reality of the injury pandemic facing the Massage profession, NO HANDS by necessity had to use other surfaces: and that led to the ability to use the practitioner’s full body weight on the client without risk of injury to either client or practitioner.  By going slow enough to allow gravity really to come into play the bodywork is dynamic despite the practitioner “just” pouring their weight on to the client.

These two things combined result in The Melt Factor – an absolute game changer in any clinical practice.

3) Organising your course


This is a totally different way of learning – and is only possible if you can find two other Massage professionals to buddy up with. It’s also a graduate level training: if you don’t hold a recognised professional full-body Massage qualification this course is not for you.

Registering gives you immediate access to all course material including information you’ll need to review before getting together with your two buddies for your first practical session. There are then three separate semesters (comprising a total of 12 lessons) to work through – and you only progress on to the next level if both your buddies endorse the “look” and the “feel” of your work to a professional standard.

This is about protecting the Massage profession from the injury pandemic afflicting it so you can continue your vital work of getting powerful, healing Touch out to this world that so desperately needs it. 



Concerned you won’t be able to complete the home-study course for any reason? You can still book to do TRANSFORMING TOUCH live – click here for details.  Alternatively, email us and one of the team will get back to you.