Transforming Touch

The original 3-day course in the fundamentals of NO HANDS Massage

TRANSFORMING TOUCH offers you everything you need to be able to bring a new energy to your Massage, work without any strain for the rest of your career and provide the Gentle Giant Massage that clients are clamouring for.

NO HANDS started as a way to avoid damage and injury to hands and wrists but it has evolved into so much more. Giving a NO HANDS treatment is like spending an hour doing a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and a work out in the Gym! It is a way of providing deep and effective Massage for clients that also involves powerful self-healing movements for the therapist – a Healing Synergy.

The NO HANDS approach you learn at TRANSFORMING TOUCH comes entirely from clients. In the early days, Gerry worked alone in his clinic seeking to deliver the most powerful touch he could. And what resulted was a completely new approach to Massage, one instinctually developed as an antidote to the many and varied traumas clients present with.

Over the three days you will learn:

  • How to move effortlessly through each treatment you give
  • The 3 stages of every Massage
  • How to help your clients get the most from NO HANDS
  • The 7 Postural Keys to Zero Strain Massage – applicable across all disciplines
  • Eight NO HANDS Strokes – all 100% Zero Strain
  • A complete new treatment to offer
  • How to build your Massage Business with NO HANDS
Adele Hyde

NO HANDS has given me a different outlook entirely and I wish I had discovered it much earlier than I have. However here I am, moving like I know what I’m doing. I feel confident, happy and comfortable and looking forward to continuing the journey with a new opened mind!” Adele Hyde

Remember your first Massage? Your first course? The excitement of the power of Touch and Massage – and knowing you were going to be getting this wonderful thing out to clients!

Unfortunately over time many therapists find themselves losing energy for their clients. This can often signal the early stages of injury (6 independent worldwide studies have shown 70-80% of Massage practitioners are suffering from injury). However it can also be the result of being isolated, working
alone day after day.

Students on our courses often tell us how much being around likeminded therapists has meant to them – and they walk away knowing they are protected from injury, have a fabulous new treatment to offer their clients and new friends who understand the great healing power of Massage.

All NO HANDS courses are practical and you get the opportunity to be a client – over and over and over again during the course.

Book your place on TRANSFORMING TOUCH now to:

  • Increase the potency of your work
  • Drink in 3 days of healing Touch
  • Recharge your batteries
  • Return renewed on every level

Our students find they learn as much, if not more, receiving NO HANDS during the courses as they do giving the treatments. The combination of seeing, giving, and receiving NO HANDS works to help you learn this new approach on every level.

Get booked in now: we look forward to sharing NO HANDS with you!

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