The Self-Healing Series: the 4 Breaths

The best thing we can be doing at any point – but particularly now! – is to build our resilience, and this self-healing series is about exactly that. In this installment we’re focusing on THE BREATH.

A lot of people talk about THE BREATH a lot – “Now, just BREATHE and…” – but how is that different from what we do every second of every day (without even thinking about it)? And why is it so important to focus on the breath? These are key questions, and I’ll be addressing them:

FIRST: by explaining the THEORY behind the importance of the breath

NEXT: teaching you a very simple – yet incredibly effective – exercise to use the breath to calm and soothe your own nervous system, and

FINALLY: a 20 minute guided meditation from me, using this breath exercise, that you can play alongside some soothing music each time you use this exercise.


So, let’s get started with THE THEORY

Great! So now you understand the WHY, let’s get into the WHAT:

Now you’ve got it: you know WHY you’re doing it, you know WHAT you’re doing so…let’s Do It!

Download the Self-Healing Guided Meditation

Click the image to access the audio file


I’d love to know how you got on with this – do leave a comment below. And feel free to share this page with anyone you think might find it useful – it’s totally free to access for EVERYONE.



PS Want more? Access the full (and free!) Tools for Resilience here

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Comments ( 6 )

  • Sarah Norrish

    That’s a great thing to do, I love it, so simple but powerful.
    Thank you.

  • Ailia Barnwell

    I thought I would share, as invited, how I’m getting on with the 4 breaths meditation. The group healing on zoom last Friday 20/3 was powerful. I imagined that I was connecting with each and every one of 36 of us (I think) who took part and also the group as a whole. It was a little scary at first but I got into it as the feeling of being in a virtual room rather than a physical one, became more familiar. The sounds of Gerry’s and Tigger’s voices were very soothing. I was left with a profound sense of peace and connection with others. I slept well. The next day I felt tearful, for no apparent reason at the time. Perhaps something had shifted; perhaps the gravity of the situation at large had sunk in a bit more. It felt like a soft release. Sunday’s meditation came after a stressful morning. During this session, I noticed how much I was using the escape routes (as described in the theory video) and just how important they are. Despite my breath being all over the place, I still took something very comforting from this meditation and felt that my nervous system had been soothed. I added some music to Monday’s meditation; covered myself in a blanket, lying down with my knees bent and leaning together, feet flat to the floor and my head and neck slightly raised on a cushion. I found this position very comfortable. Once again, I reached a deeper sense of peace and felt that I was breathing into my belly. I’m going to keep going every day along with my daily yoga, to build strength and resilience. I look forward to sharing this with others as this has certainly helped me. Overall, my sleep has been better and I notice what is happening to my breath throughout the day.

  • Janet Levin

    Gerry, thanks so much.

    I love how the hands placed on “the lungs according to Gerry” is also the 3rd chakra of personal power. Is also the lower lungs where the virus goes in critical cases. Is also the shorter breath in/longer breath out that shifts the physiological cascade of stress hormones to the parasympathetic system’s calming ones.

    I also love how I misperceived, when I opened the second video, pink eye shadow. Which actually is the reflection of light on your glasses!

  • Tigger MacGregor

    That’s great, Janet – thanks so much for sharing. Always good to see what each person individually takes from something. Really interesting reflections! (as it were… ;))

  • Tigger MacGregor

    Massive well done, Ailia, for really working this – the more you put in, the more you get out: as you’re clearly demonstrating! Long may it be useful to you.

  • Tigger MacGregor

    So glad it’s hit the spot for you, Sarah!

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