The Art of Massage

A poem by NO HANDS Advanced Practitioner, Sue Mcfarlane


The Art of Massage



Picture the skin and flesh beneath you, anticipating your touch.

A human canvas to colour in your mind and feel through your senses.

Different textures to explore and depths to fathom.

Visualise their outcomes like mists on a horizon.


A work of art or just a massage?

Perceived so differently by two souls and minds,

converging in touch – never to be repeated.

Appreciate the certain lightness of energy before initial contact.

Boundaries or limits are only imposed by consciousness.


Warmth aids flexibility

Music gives energy, contrast and light.

Oil creates a ‘wet on wet’ flow.

Lines and circles, all movements to be meaningful and steady.


Pressure through sponging invites depth with softness.

Energy adds intensity, power, tone and shade.

Centre your breath, it brings focus and grounds.

Space and pauses allow transformation with freedom to play.


Honour this tissue and trust in your touch

Allow time for the complexities to evolve.


Take a breath,

Move carefully, mindfully

Observe and be still.


It may never be perfect or finished;

being transitional and forever of this time.


What you see, feel and intend is what really matters,

here and now.






©Sue McFarlane 2016

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