Becoming a Trauma Discharge Therapist

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By completing this 24 day training you receive a diploma in Trauma Discharge Therapy. This means you are able to offer Trauma Discharge Massage to your clients. This training consists of three distinct stages:

Becoming a Trauma Discharge Therapist

Trauma-free MassageTrauma-free Massage. It is no good trying to help others whilst inflicting trauma and injury on ourselves. In an aeroplane we are taught to put our own oxygen mask on before helping others. It is the same with effective healing – we must look after our own body first. You learn how to deliver your Massage without any risk to your hands, arms or back. This is the NO HANDS approach to Massage which has been learned by more than 3,000 Massage therapists over the last 25 years. This work trains you to move your body in a way that is aligned to the principles of dance, Chi Gung and Tai Chi. This stage of training is what makes the rest of the training possible. There are professionally produced ‘NO HANDS booklets’ that you can use to promote this work to your clients.



Module 1 – £299 (inc. VAT where applicable)
Modules 2 & 3 (price for both): £899 (inc. VAT where applicable)


Dates & Venues in 2020:

BRIDPORT, DORSET with licenced instructor Amanda Jones
Module 1: January 5th – 7th
Module 2: May 10th – 12th
Module 3: May 31st – June 2nd
Contact Amanda for more information and booking on 07733 045289


LEIGH ON SEA, ESSEX with licenced instructor Sandra Morris
Module 1: January 10th – 12th OR March 10th – 12th
Module 2: September 8th – 10th
Module 3: October 6th – 8th
Contact Sandra for more information and booking on 07790 205960 or visit


HEREFORD with licenced instructor Master Wendy Mills
Module 1: February 1st – 3rd OR March 14th – 16th
Module 2: April 25th – 27th
Module 3: June 6th – 8th
Contact Wendy for more information and booking on 07858 137889 or visit


LONDON with licenced instructor Claire Skeete
Module 1: February 7th – 9th OR April 17th – 19th
Module 2: September 4th – 6th
Module 3: October 16th – 18th
Contact Claire for more information and booking on 07949 575643 or visit


WAKEFIELD, WEST YORKSHIRE with licenced instructor Master Amanda Watson
Module 1: February 22nd – 24th OR June 12th – 14th
Module 2: October 2nd – 4th
Module 3: October 30th – November 1st
Contact Amanda for more information and booking on 07740 717999 or visit

MORECAMBE, LANCASHIRE with NO HANDS Founder and Creator, Gerry Pyves
Module 1: March 27th – 29th
Module 2: April 27th – 29th
Module 3: May 25th – 27th
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4Elements bookletBuilding on what has been learned in the first stage, these two modules will teach you some of the most powerful structural techniques ever developed. These techniques are too powerful to be shown outside of the training room and for this reason are unknown to the rest of the Bodywork profession. During these modules, you will also be taught my unique 4Element approach to energy work. This will educate your clients to the full spectrum of your touch. There is a beautiful ‘4Elements booklet’ that you can use to promote this work to your clients.



Modules 4 & 5 (price for both): £899+VAT


Dates & Venues in 2020:

MORECAMBE, LANCASHIRE with NO HANDS Founder and Creator, Gerry Pyves
Module 4: June 22nd – 24th
Module 5: July 27th – 29th
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Trauma Discharge Therapy logoTrauma-informed Massage. To deal with trauma means understanding how your client’s psyche may have been built upon trauma. This is the real danger inherent in much ‘trauma treatment’ – removing trauma can actually destabilise the client! During these three modules you will receive a ‘psychotherapy grade’ training in how the psyche functions and what this means for our touch. This is because Gerry is licensed by the European Association of Transactional Analysis to train people to become psychotherapists. In this stage you learn how to help your clients to discharge their trauma without triggering re-traumatisation or destabilising the fundamental structure of their personality. There is a ‘Trauma Discharge booklet’ that you can use to promote this exciting work to your clients.



Modules 6, 7 & 8 (price for all three): £1375+VAT


Dates & Venues in 2020:

MORECAMBE, LANCASHIRE with NO HANDS Founder and Creator, Gerry Pyves
Module 6: September 14th – 16th
Module 7: October 26th – 28th
Module 8: December 7th – 9th
Contact for more information and booking

Samples of additional support materials available as part of the Trauma Discharge Therapy trainingAt each level of the Trauma Discharge Therapy diploma training and The NeuroTouch Project, you are fully supported with course manuals and videos of the strokes and theory topics, for revision at your convenience. So much content is covered at each course, it is very hard to remember it all the first time round. Thanks to our excellent printed and online support materials, you won’t need to worry about forgetting things.

This support is what makes this revolutionary approach to healing trauma such a transformational resource for you, your family and friends and your local community.

Your Personal Protection from Trauma…

If you want to work with trauma, then the first thing to take care of is yourself. Firemen and women do not walk into a fire without protective clothing. When we deal with trauma we are walking with our clients into some of the worst disasters in human history and we are meeting some of the very worst things that humans can do to each other. That is what trauma is. Only fools rush into this work without protection…

NeuroTouch logoThe additional NeuroTouch training is your ‘protective clothing’. This 2-day module is separate from the rest of the TDT training because you need to bring a partner, family member, friend or a local colleague to learn it with you. It involves learning a simple Touch Exchange protocol of about 40 minutes. This Touch Exchange will address (and remove) any trauma that you have accumulated during your week, but – like exercise – it has to be done regularly for maximum benefit; at least 3-4 times per week. Working effectively with trauma exposes you to lots of trauma yourself. This is the major cause of therapist burn out and illness. Having someone nearby you can clear this trauma with on a regular basis is therefore essential self-care. Your Touch Exchange buddy does not need to be a qualified Massage Therapist; anyone can learn these simple protocols.

Because it involves persuading another person to train with you, the NeuroTouch module is a separate part of the programme. There is a full website about the value of this training. Visit to find out more. There is also a comprehensive ‘NeuroTouch Project’ booklet. You can use both of these resources to show to anyone who may be interested in doing this course with you.

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