Meet the Master: Sue Cross

NO HANDS Masters have completed the full journey from zero strain bodywork, through potent and transactional bodywork to being able to offer truly Transformational Touch Therapy. Master Sue Cross became a Master in 2013 and works in Manchester. 

In her own words…

Master Sue Cross

Master Sue Cross

“After working in HR in corporate organisations, I was made redundant which was the beginning of the change in my life. I decided I wanted to do something different, so I found another HR position and decided to search for what I really felt would make me more happy and fulfilled.

My new path started with training as a Person Centred Counsellor. On this course I came across a lady who did various touch-based therapies, including Reflexology. I started having Reflexology weekly from her and realised there was more to Reflexology than just a foot massage! I could feel the systemic effects it was having on my whole being. So I began to ask questions on how to learn.

Having completed the counselling course I enrolled on a complementary therapy course, covering Reflexology, Massage and Aromatherapy, and once I qualified I gave up my HR role and started work as a mobile therapist. A friend had heard about an event Gerry was running in Manchester about helping Massage therapists prevent injury whilst working. By this time I had been qualified 2 years, but already I could feel the negative effects doing full time massage and Reflexology was having on my thumbs, wrists and back, so this new approach sounded very interesting.

I went along to the evening event and Gerry talked about preventing injury whilst massaging. It was hitting all the right chords with me and even just what he was saying was very inspiring.

THEN he did a NO HANDS treatment.

I had seen nothing like it before, the treatment Gerry gave to the client on the table left me flabbergasted and tears rolled down my face as I watched this guy massage like I had never seen before. Inside my head I said to myself, “that is the way to massage a human being.” He massaged with such focus, power, depth and no strain.

I knew then I had to learn this way of working with clients. I didn’t enrol right away as date clashed with other things I had planned so it was the following year, 2006, when my NO HANDS journey began.

By this time I was renting a room in a hair salon and my clients were beginning to like the new way I was working. They were giving me great feedback on how much they preferred the way I was now working and how much more this was benefitting them more than the massage they received prior to NO HANDS.

My client base grew quickly and as I learnt more on each NO HANDS course my confidence grew and grew, helping me have enough confidence to rent my own premises and run my own business. This has developed into the Inner Light Wellbeing Centre from where I run both my practice and offer courses. I love this work that I do.

I became a Master in 2013. It took 3 attempts before achieving my goal. It was an amazing experience each time I took the assessment: I grew personally and learnt so much about myself, what I needed and wanted to change about myself. It gave me the opportunity to to look at the things in my life that were stopping me becoming the best I can be, a journey I realise will never end as I strive to be “me”.

Being a NO HANDS Master gave me a deeper desire to share, support and help others on their journeys. I am much happier, confident and comfortable with who I am since becoming an Master. On my journey becoming and now being a Master the greatest impact has come from the wonderful people who have inspired and supported me, and knowing that these awesome people are all helping change the massage world. Thank you to each and every one in NO HANDS and Gerry for
Pioneering this wonderful process.”

Master Sue Cross

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  • Angela Dean

    And thank God you did Sue, because otherwise I (and countless others) wouldn’t have been I produced to No Hands via yourself. For this, I will always be grateful x

  • Amanda Watson

    So good to read your story Sue, from working for corporate to now having your very own centre of wellbeing. I totally understand how you could be moved to tears when watching Gerry massage, I have felt this too, when watching therapists give NO HANDS massage. I am so glad that you found NO HANDS as I am lucky to have been on the receiving end of your very generous support. Thank you Sue. XX

  • Claire Pope-Mitchell

    Sue, it is so lovely to read about your journey into No Hands. I am so pleased you found this path because you are the one who has inspired me and I’m sure you will remember that you moved me to tears the first time I saw you do a treatment. You blew my mind open, thank you so much for that, it changed my world. xx

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