Sine Qua Non

(Latin: “Without which nothing”)

Client safety is absolutely fundamental for a successful practice. This is the only real ‘Sine Qua Non’ of our clinical effectiveness. No safety means no transformation. No transformation means no reputation. No reputation means no practice.

Unless your clients are making significant transformations in your work with them, your practice will not thrive

If your practice is not thriving or growing, if you are not getting new referrals every week, then it could be the issue of safety. Without safety, clients will never let go. Without letting go, there can be no transformation.


ANNUS HORRIBILIS (horrible year)

In these days of MASSIVE ANXIETY it will not be enough to simply keep your Massage practice “ticking over”. That is like the shark that stopped swimming – and we all know what happened to him – he drowned. In water!

Well, your practice could also drown under the onslaught of this ‘annus horribilis’. The trauma and anxiety levels of clients are sky-rocketing. I have never seen anything like it in my 35 years of clinical practice. Because of this, your practice is at serious risk of drowning – despite swimming in some excellent massage!



Control is the key to the safety that your clients need in order to make the sort of transformation that gets them talking to their mates about your work. This means that the more power you can offer your clients over their treatments, the more safe they will feel on the table. There is research on war veterans which shows a direct correlation between their control over the treatments and the effectiveness of the massage…

And the brand new 4Elements booklet I have created provides the perfect way to give control to your clients – without losing any intuitive or creative flexibility in your treatment. This could be the key to getting your appointment book bursting at the seams. If you’ve already trained in NO HANDS to Advanced level you could be using these powerful 4Elements treatments in your clinic within weeks – and if you’ve not yet done any NO HANDS training, these treatments could start bringing transformations for your clients to help your practice really thrive. Check out details for learning more here

By Gerry Pyves, NO HANDS Massage Founder & Creator

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