Meet the Therapist: Sandra Morris

NO HANDS Therapist, Sandra Morris, has completed the full journey from the core zero strain bodywork right through transactional bodywork and to the most advanced NO HANDS strokes. She’s also a NO HANDS Instructor, trained and licensed to offer the NO HANDS PRACTITIONER training. She offers both treatments and training courses in Essex.  

NO HANDS Therapist & Instructor, Sandra Morris

“I started my working career as a hairdresser eventually opening my own salon in Leigh on Sea, which I ran for 22 years. When I reached 50, I decided to sell my business and change my career to Holistic Therapies which I have always been interested in. I studied Anatomy and Physiology, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, later learning The Bowen Technique and Emmett Technique, as well as studying various forms of Massage and Holistic Healing Therapies.

In 2002 I had the opportunity to work for the NHS using my skills as a massage Therapist alongside Occupational Therapists for 3 years within their Learning Disability Team. I was honoured to be part of this work and I learnt so much during the time I was with them.

When my NHS contracted ended I started my own company working within the Learning Disability field where I built my business and eventually employed various therapists for many years. This gave me a deep insight in the field of Healing through Touch and Structural realignment. Simultaneous I also worked in several beauty salons.

Over time I began to experience problems with my body especially my hands and wrists due to the volume of work I was undertaking. Initially these injuries meant I couldn’t do as many treatments as my body was always hurting. It was getting to the point where I thought I was going to have to give up my career entirely due to these developing conditions.

Thankfully in 2009 I found NO HANDS Massage: I instantly recognised its potential and realised this would revolutionise my practice. I immersed myself in this new method, completing the full NO HANDS Massage training, right the way through to the Mastery program.

The group of people I met became a family of sorts, with deep connections being made with the other participants. I also found a deeper connection with myself, outgrowing many of my older blocks and finding new aspects of myself as I delved into the various trainings offered.

I have been deepening my knowledge of NO HANDS through regularly attending Mastery and other courses for over a decade now. I enjoy the depth and thorough nature of the training, being able to share many insights with other practitioners along the journey, unfolding physically as well as emotionally.

I found the training process a challenge at times, as it evolved me as a person and my depth of knowledge, but the hard work has been thoroughly worthwhile. I have found so much support in every way from the NO HANDS community.

Clinically, my practice has changed a great deal since training in NO HANDS Massage. The biggest change has been to be able to work without pain or exhaustion. I could go on for ages about the benefit I saw in my learning disability clients since changing over to NO HANDS: most of these people couldn’t speak, many usually only communicating by showing challenging behaviour – yet after receiving NO HANDS treatments their mood and state changed completely. My other clients swapped to this new approach very easily. They comment on how much they feel the benefit of their treatment not only the physical side of massage but leaving with a feeling of being at peace. Many of my regular clients have said they realise how much they miss having their massage if they cant come for any reason – I think that speaks for itself. Having received many NO HANDS massages throughout the years I have to agree with them!

In my opinion there is nothing else quite like the power of NO HANDS Massage.

I still have energy at the end of a busy day and don’t suffer with the aches and pains that I had before I found NO HANDS. 

In 2015 I qualified as a NO HANDS Massage instructor for and enjoy the teaching process, alongside my therapy work, holding space in my purpose-built studio. I have seen and felt first-hand the benefit this method has had on my clients, myself and those I have trained. Courses I’ve run have always had the feeling of intimacy and connection that have been the hallmark of my journey into NO HANDS over the years. Every course brings its own AHA!!! moments as my own learning deepens by sharing this powerful approach with new students. I really feel this work is beneficial for all who journey upon its path and I am honoured to be able to transmit my learning.”

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