NO HANDS, No Kneeling – taught by Gerry Pyves

NO HANDS, No Kneeling – taught by Gerry Pyves


Spend a day with NO HANDS Founder, Gerry Pyves, learning how to deliver the power of NO HANDS without needing to kneel. Bring a new dynamism to your work and give your clinical practice a “shot in the arm” of energy and inspiration.


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Open to all NO HANDS Massage Association members

Learn how to manage your posture and your body so that you do not need to kneel in your treatments! Only then does kneeling actually become a choice for you.

Learn how to deliver all the strokes you have learned in a way that WORKS OUT your body and helps you build core and peripheral muscles even more. Take your flexibility and understanding of the 7 Postural keys to another level, in particular SUPPORT, and FALLING. Develop your understanding of the principle of VERTICALITY.

In the early days of NO HANDS, Gerry did all his work from standing. Following 4 knee operations (as a result of his running!) he has found himself returning to his ‘non kneeling’ roots:

“I only started teaching KNEELING to students because so many found it hard to work from standing without straining their backs. KNEELING was such an easy way to keep your spine vertical and supported. However, to truly master your body posture you need to be able to deliver all the strokes from several alternative positions. I choose not to do any kneeling in my clinical work.”

This is a unique opportunity to train with Gerry and take your body awareness, fitness, flexibility and posture to another level.


Timings for the day

Registration from 8.30am, with the course itself starting at 9am and finishing by 6pm


Venue details

Morecambe: NO HANDS Training Centre, 3 Northumberland Street, Morecambe, LA4 4AU

London (Watford): Hilton Watford, Elton Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 8HA


What people are saying about the NO KNEELING course

I completed the NO KNEELING course and it was outstanding. The course layout, pace information, the teaching, observing and feeling the touch, was just awesome! I have learnt so much today and I now have the tools to work zero strain, without kneeling. I learnt to massage the back, arms and legs, giving full treatments, using the stool and from standing. Amazing feedback from clients and the whole day has been awesome! Highly recommend this course! Lynni Newsome

I love the simple yet effective ways to work with support allowing some powerful bodywork to take place. Karen Kebbell

A great day to break out of the self-imposed rigidity and restrictions around kneeling. A chance to explore greater freedom of movement around the table and the client. A new way of moving but all based entirely on solid NH principles of the postural keys. Sophie Atkinson

I love the fluid, flowing dance that a treatment becomes without the restrictions of kneeling. Natalie Scullard

Variety is the spice of life! It is always good to come on these courses so you don’t get stuck in a rut in the strokes/movements you use. Samantha Hardwick



Additional information

Date & Location

London (Watford): March 16th, Morecambe: March 23rd


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