2019 Association Gather: Dealing with Trauma


2019 Association Gather: Dealing with Trauma

£199.00 £149.00

Join us for a day exploring 2019’s theme:

The role of Massage in treating Trauma

Scroll down for full details of the day – make sure to secure your place soon and save yourself £50!

Date: July 6th 2019

Location: Birmingham (Arden Hotel, within 1/2 mile of the NEC, Birmingham International Airport/Railway Station and Junction 6 of the M42)

Price includes lunch and teas and coffees throughout the day. You must be a NO HANDS Massage Association member to attend this day.



Theme for 2019: The role of Massage in treating Trauma

Topics covered include:
  • Why Trauma Matters
  • Dealing with Dissociation.

PLUS Practical sessions on

  • Touch that Soothes the Amygdala and
  • Touching the Vagus Nerve
Message from Gerry:

“I hope as many of you as possible can make it to this brand new ASSOCIATION EVENT.

As an Association we have always promoted Postural key #5 (SUPPORT). Now we are taking this to a new level with a chance for us all to gather together and spend a day celebrating the remarkable work that you all do. We expect some deep healing work as well as not a few deafening “Hoo Hah’s”. If you have been missing the wonderful energy of our large trademark courses, then here is a chance to get a serious shot in the arm!

It is just one day, so I hope you can make it – it is a great chance to network and get more connected with some of your brilliant Association family, share  some great food and do some serious networking. This will become an annual event and we will locate in different parts of the UK each year.

With four great workshops, it is also a chance to get UP TO DATE on the latest developments in medicine, namely the neuroscience – and how we can practically use this information in our treatments.

Clients are now presenting with a very different type of problem than even 10 years ago: low energy, chronic conditions, anxiety and depression to name but a few. We can now understand why this is so, through the revolution in our understanding of trauma. We can also learn how this raises massage therapy to the forefront of trauma treatments. 

Luckily for us, it seems touch is one of the key ways to reach the centres of the brain where trauma can be healed. I will be explaining just how we can use this information clinically for clients (95% of whom are carrying massive levels of trauma without even realising it). You don’t want to miss this, as it covers crucial material for your clinical success in our fast changing world.

This is also a great day if you simply want to maintain your Association membership –  these annual ‘gathers’ will qualify anyone in the Association for your Association renewal in the next year.

The logistics

Date: 6th July 2019 
Venue: Arden Hotel (NEC – Midlands)
Within 1/2 mile of the NEC, Birmingham International Airport/Railway Station and Junction 6 of the M42  
Times: 8.30am – 6.00pm.
Cost: £199 inc. VAT – book early for just £149 
Lunch, Coffee and Tea provided

Workshop details

Opening address: “Why Trauma Matters”

This opening talk will summarise the significant developments in our understanding of Trauma over the last 20 years and its implications for Massage therapists.


Workshop I: Touch that Soothes the Amygdala 

In this practical session we will specifically focus on the different types of touch and body movements that reach directly into the trauma centres of the brain.


Workshop II: Touching the Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the key nerve in the body that controls both soothing and trauma. In this practical session we will look at how we can impact this nerve with our touch and with their breathing.


Workshop III: Dealing with Dissociation

Knowing whether a client is in a deeply relaxed state, or whether the touch has triggered them into a dissociative and traumatised state is not easy. In this session we will look at the signs we should look for and what action needs to be taken to keep our clients safe and our sessions effective.


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