Practical Tips for Restarting Your Massage Practice

NO HANDS Massage Association members have access to a weekly Connect Call and all the tips below have come straight from therapists who are already back at work:

The first week is the hardestacross the board people found their first week back in clinic the most challenging. Along with the understandable anxiety of how treatments will go in “the new world” for practitioner and client alike, the additional cleaning regimes are adding a significant amount of work. 

Clients are REALLY appreciating usclients are reporting taking really powerful treatments, even when practitioners have chosen to introduce limitations to previous treatments, such as only working prone. The NO HANDS philosophy of systemic is proving more powerful than ever. Clients are also more than happy to pay extra for additional costs that us therapists are now incurring.

Clear communicationtaking time to explain clearly the “new agreement” for coming for Massage has really paid off. Clients feel safe and looked after, and also understand what is and isn’t possible. This has been done variously by phone, email and with additional signs up in the clinic.   

“Horses for courses”each practitioner has their own unique situation and is coming up with an approach that works for them and their clients. What became clear as the most important aspect was that the practitioner was happy with their own set up – this confidence then transmitted to the clients and often added to the therapeutic potency.

Disposable towelsespecially for vulnerable client bases, some practitioners are choosing to opt for all-disposable coverings for the Massage table. One tried-and-tested supplier is Enki Towels, the “jumbo” size proving most useful. Other suppliers include Scrummy Spa and Majestic.

Cleaning productsfor cleaning, a spray of Milton solution or simply soap and water were proving popular. Several people are using a disinfectant spray on their carpets and / or pillow covers and one eco-friendly option people are using is Dew 

What’s working for you? What challenges are you facing? Do let us know.

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