NeuroTouch: Build Health. Build Happy. Build You.

Therapeutic Touch is the most researched modality within complementary therapy. Time and again it has been shown to improve health and wellbeing in a whole range of areas, including:

  • reducing chronic and acute pain
  • improving mental health including reduced anxiety, improved mood and more energy
  • the very latest research is now showing therapeutic Touch has the potential to soothe and dissolve trauma triggers – even those which have been carried for decades
However, a lesser known aspect of therapeutic Touch is the range of benefits the Giver gets. Research presented to the British Psychological Society revealed that giving therapeutic Touch has the same physical and emotional benefits as receiving it.
This is where NeuroTouch comes in – you get the benefits of giving AND receiving!
NeuroTouch is a gentle, clothed 15-minute Touch protocol designed specifically to soothe the nervous system. The in-person training is being run at venues around the UK, and over three days you’ll learn everything you need to feel confident giving and receiving NeuroTouch. Plus you’ll gain communication and safety skills which will help you any time you’re with someone who’s in distress – and in many other situations too..
Once you’ve learned NeuroTouch you can give and receive it as often as you can find someone to do a NeuroTouch exchange with. That’s why we recommend coming with a friend or family member you live close to – that way once you’ve done the training you can start scheduling your regular NeuroTouch exchanges for once a week, twice a week, even several times a day!
Even if you don’t have someone to bring with you, there’s still lots to be gained from coming along to the three days. Do get in touch with any questions – we look forward to seeing you there.


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