Meet the Master: Beth Lloyd

NO HANDS Masters have completed the full journey from zero strain bodywork, through potent and transactional bodywork to being able to offer truly Transformational Touch Therapy. Master Beth Lloyd became a Master in 2017 and works in Staffordshire. In her words…

My introduction to NO HANDS® Massage was just over 10 years ago. It was through a NO HANDS flyer landing on the desk of my then employers.

I attended my first Transformational Touch course back in 2007, with the idea of NO HANDS being an add-on to my Sports Massage training and Sports and Exercise Science background.   I was intrigued and captivated by NO HANDS massage and so my journey began.

I would say my journey to Master has been a slow burn! But so worth it! As the saying goes  “good things come to those who wait”. But it wasn’t waiting, but working hard by learning, repeating, absorbing and using NO HANDS as much as I could. This started by giving family and friends massage and then led me to leaving full time employment in the leisure industry and becoming a self employed Sports Massage Therapist.  Having spent 2010 till 2016 working as a contractor for a local Chiropractic Clinic mainly using Sports Massage. I then decided whilst on maternity leave with my second daughter it was time to make a change. I now have my own custom built treatment room at home.

The journey has had its ups, downs, false starts and lots of commitment, dedication and fire in my belly, to get to where I am today. Trusting in the NO HANDS massage support structure has taught me to believe in achieving my dreams. I am privileged and excited to be a part of the NO HANDS community with its teaching, developments and approach, as it begins to takes its place in the world of massage and personal healing that is so much need in today’s way of life and living.

Becoming a NO HANDS Master has given me so much more clarity and freedom to my work and life. I love my work with my clients and knowing that I am worthy and valued and part of such an amazing personal supportive and professional organised association. The journey has been life changing, Literally life changing, the personal change in my physical, mental and emotional state. I have made so many positive changes to my life, family and how I work (massage). If I can do it so can you!


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