Master Wendy’s Road to Mastery

NO HANDS Master, Wendy Mills, has been involved with people’s health & well being all her life – from being a nurse to running a successful Beauty & Complementary Therapy Centre in Hereford. Wendy has been a NO HANDS Instructor since 2015 and became a Master in November 2016 

Wendy MillsAt the beginning of Mastery 2016 I wrote down what I wanted my outcomes for the year to be:

1) To get more clarity in my contracting.

2) To meet the client on whatever PEEMS level they are on.

At Module 1 I spent most of my time observing and taking part in ‘Contract into Treatment’ sessions. They were so valuable, I learned so much from observing others and starting to recognise the subtleties of what some clients say, compared to what they actually mean! I did reflect in my Mastery journal at the end of Module 1 that I thought I was sabotaging my own success and path towards becoming a Master. I’d put the brakes on as I thought I wasn’t good enough and didn’t think I’d been around long enough to be considered good enough or worthy of even going for assessment. I was worried that I might be considered big headed in some way.

At Module 2 we were presented with the NO HANDS® Road Map, describing the journey to becoming a Master and explaining how Mastery 2017 could be our assessment year. Well, that was it for me, it all became very clear, as quite often it does at Mastery! I showed my hand so to speak and said YES I wanted to become a Master so therefore 2017 was going to be my assessment year. It was out in the open and do you know not one person even hinted that I shouldn’t be doing it, in fact most said….about time too! From that moment on Mastery 2016 became more of a joyous occasion. I knew the path I was on and continued working towards it, with more contracts into treatments and the occasional practical stroke session thrown in. The idea of just stirring mud was firmly planted, and eventually I’d get that pot of gold.

Master Wendy Mills with NO HANDS Founder and Creator, Gerry PyvesAs with so much in NO HANDS you have to be prepared to be a little flexible and Module 3 was no different in this. Gerry explained that because there were so many of us that wanted 2017 to be our assessment year, 2017 had to start early, in fact it started on Day 1 of Module 3! Towards the end of Day 2 Gerry endorsed me to go for assessment and within an hour of that I was actually taking my assessment. Despite what might seem like a whirlwind, it actually felt so “real”. It was so much like a busy session in the clinic, I just had to do what I do every day in my treatment room, and get on with it. No time to think about it actually being an assessment, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course the fact that I passed made it even more enjoyable!

The care and support from the Assessment team and all the Masters didn’t stop there though: just because I’d passed didn’t mean I just had to get on with it from that moment on. It’s quite a lot to take in, this achievement of becoming a Master and each and every one of the Masters have gone through something similar on their journey, so Postural Key No 5 came out big time. And then there came the celebrations….. my jaw ached from so much smiling!

There were 5 of us who became Masters at Module 3, and the diversity of our backgrounds, the varying amount of time we’d been in the world of NO HANDS made no difference. If you want it, you just have to keep stirring mud and you will get there. It’s open to anyone who wants it. I can’t wait for the next part of my journey with NO HANDS and I’m really looking forward to being a part of other peoples journeys too and giving them as much support as I’ve received and am still receiving now.

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  • Jane Craddock

    Thank you Wendy for your honesty in writing this, and for just being Wendy, sorry Master Wendy xx

  • Karen lakeland

    Awesome piece of writing Master Wendy. I am SO pleased to have seen you reach this next part of your journey . You have shown such masterful qualities for a long time its great to see them acknowledged.

  • Shiona King

    Dear Master Wendy
    You have been such an inspiration and so gently supportive in my NO HANDS journey, I am so thrilled to have witnessed your becoming a Master. So deserved and so exciting, well done! I am looking forward to seeing you shine even more brightly in your new role x

  • Nicky Dyer

    Well done Master Wendy. You were so ready for this. I’m looking forward to seeing you enjoy your ongoing journey. xx

  • Mimi Ness

    Beautiful account of your mastery journey Wendy. I am delighted and honoured to have seen the Master you have long been finally acknowledged. Well done. All my very best wishes for all you do now Master Wendy. xx

  • Angela Dean

    It was truly joyous to see your achievement Wendy. It was very emotional and so deserved. You are truly talented. Truly. Xxx

  • Claire Skeete

    Thank you Wendy.

  • Teresa Bovingdon

    Wow I love you Master Wendy and I thought at Mastery 2015 you were a Master though you didn’t have the certificate. I have always been impressed with your knowledge and care. The above is beautifully written Well done. xxxx

  • Anita Mehrez

    Ho to all the above! I was both delighted and honoured that you put yourself forward to be assessed as a Master, Wendy. Your mud stirring along your No Hands journey has been a joy to witness .I just love that you likened the endorsement and assessment process to a busy clinic day – for me, this is one of your strengths -you are real. We are so lucky to have you as one of the Masters and I can’t wait to walk with you into 2017 as a fellow Master.

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