Protect Your Body, Protect your Career

Attract New Clients – impress existing

Transforming Touch

Deep - Systemic - Structural - Energetic - Zero strain - Dance-like - Tried and tested

What NO HANDS Massage Offers You

Protect your career – for life.

Offer powerful treatments to your clients.

Access the full incredible power of communication to help your clients transform their lives.

This is NO HANDS Massage

Level 1: Zero Strain Bodywork

Over 80% of the Massage profession have become injured through their work.

Learn how to provide deep and powerful touch without injuring yourself. Gerry Pyves, NO HANDS Massage Founder and Creator, is the world’s leading authority on Massage injury and has personally trained over 3,000 therapists to protect their careers from injury.  

Start your training with our Transforming Touch and Practitioner courses qualifying you as a zero-strain, NO HANDS Practitioner.

Level 2: Powerful Bodywork

With your career protected from injury you can progress to our Advanced level training.

Learn proven and effective revolutionary ways to effect three hugely important bodily systems: the Structure, the Biochemistry and the Nervous System.

Including the Detox treatment as well as how to stimulate the reflexes, our Advanced training prepares you fully to deal with any client who walks through your door.


Level 3: Transactional Bodywork

With Massage this powerful, being able to handle client communication expertly is essential.

As a UKCP registered Transactional Analysis psychotherapist, Gerry brings this knowledge to the world of Massage. This is a communication training for therapists unmatched elsewhere and keeps both the client and therapist safe through the transformations that happen within a NO HANDS Massage practice. Click here to access the NO HANDS Roadmap Gerry mentions.

Gerry is committed to every Massage Therapist having access to the extensive research on the injury pandemic affecting our industry. 

The Knowledge is Power series provides vital information every Massage and Bodywork professional should know about. Click to sign up


Learn NO HANDS Massage

You can start learning NO HANDS from the comfort of your own home, or with one of our licensed instructors:

Study from home: wherever you are in the world, our unique online peer-review course enables you to complete our TRANSFORMING TOUCH course with two other qualified therapists. And it’s totally free! Click here to check it out

Study with an experienced Instructor: Nothing beats face-to-face tuition and we have licensed NO HANDS Massage instructors all over the UK (and beyond) offering courses throughout the year. Click here to find your nearest instructor or click here for upcoming course dates 


Download Course Brochure

Our introductory three day course, Transforming Touch, gives you enough NO HANDS Massage training to be able to integrate this powerful new approach into your existing treatments.  More information about Transforming Touch can be found in our course brochure.  Complete the form below to access your copy: