NO HANDS Massage Balm

After 20 years of searching for the perfect massage oil, Gerry Pyves has finally launched his own balm. The NO HANDS Massage Balm is perfect for the continuous flowing movements of powerful Massage. This balm also reduces down to an excellent ‘grip’ for friction work.

Made only from the highest quality natural ingredients, this unique balm uses beautiful cold pressed oils and beeswax to create a powerful and gentle healing formulation. It can be used to soften, moisturise and nourish your skin.

Once you have used this balm you will find other massage oils either ‘too watery’ or ‘too sticky’. This is a blend of such healing power that you and your clients will want to use it in between treatments.

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This powerful healing balm contains some of the most ancient and natural healing oils known to humanity. It contains cold pressed OLIVE OIL, used for millennia across the Mediterranean basin as a universal salve for ills and ailments and rich in antioxidants.

It contains JOJOBA SEED OIL, renown for its anti-inflammatory properties and frequently used for preventing bacterial and fungal infections. When it comes to healing properties, you cannot compete with the oils in this balm: HEMP SEED OIL+ WHEAT GERM OIL (essential fatty acids); ARGAN OIL; CRANBERRY SEED OIL + SUNFLOWER OIL  (antioxidants) and the supremely soothing CALENDULA EXTRACT, which has perhaps the oldest history in Europe for its healing qualities.

In addition to all this we have AVOCADO OIL which is renowned for its alkalising effect and reducing the skin’s acidity. Small amounts of dimethicone add to the glide and tocopherol (commonly known as Vitamin E) adds nourishment. Finally, we have BEESWAX  which not only makes it perfect for that smooth and natural glide in Massage, but also seals in the skin’s moisture and leaves your skin feeling silky for hours afterwards, making it the perfect moisturiser.