Massage Instructors

Personally trained and licenced by NO HANDS Founder and Creator, Gerry Pyves, learn how to Massage truly zero strain with any of the instructors listed below – and take your first steps towards becoming a Transformational Touch Therapist!

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Amanda Jones

Bridport, Dorset

“From the moment the soles of my feet felt the soft, deep touch that is NO HANDS Massage I was captivated.  I’ve immersed myself completely in this new approach enabling me to offer safe, deep healing touch to my clients, with zero strain to me, protecting and prolonging my career. 

Now as a licensed NO HANDS Massage Instructor I am delighted to bring Transforming Touch, Practitioner Courses and Refresh & Renew Days to massage therapists in West Dorset, where a very warm welcome awaits you.”

Call: 07733 045289 

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Carl Lister


“After a 20 year career in education teaching Music I embarked on my Massage journey in 2002, qualifying in Swedish Massage, aromatherapy and  reflexology, and entering the world of NO HANDS in 2004.

By 2006 I was an Advanced Practitioner and in 2007 I became the 8th  NO HANDS Master. I’ve worked with Gerry in the  trainer team  since 2006, sharing my passion for massage and making NO HANDS massage accessible to many therapists all over the country. 

I work from Bracknell, where I see clients and run courses.”

Call: 07932 632 114

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Sandra Morris


“I have been a Holistic Practitioner since 2000 and have qualifications in several different disciplines. Struggling with RSI in 2009 Transforming Touch – my first introduction to the concept  of Zero Strain.

I continued with Practitioner and Advanced Courses which took my massage to another level and saved my career. In 2011 my journey continued with Mastery, where my understanding of this amazing bodywork deepened.

I invite you to join this awesome supportive family so you too can embark on what for me is one of the greatest journeys of my life.”

Call: 07790 205 960

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Mimi Ness

East Yorkshire and Malaysia

“My background was in the Spa Industry – I managed the first ever Spa in Malaysia in the early 90s.

I developed, set up, trained and managed several spas in 5 Star Hotels and Resorts across Malaysia – one of which won the Best Day Spa in Asia award for 3 consecutive years.

Having pioneered the Spa market in my country, I was regarded as a Veteran in the Industry. In 2003 I moved to the UK and started my own practice. My NO HANDS journey began in 2011. I found it both immensely powerful and wonderfully liberating.

I joined the Trainer team in 2013 and became a NO HANDS Master in 2015. I am truly inspired by the incredible power of NO HANDS and feel honoured to be able to share this revolutionary approach.”


蘇月蓮 Mimi Ness

“我的背景來自水療(SPA)行業出身。90年代初,我在馬來西亞經營了國家史上第一間水療中心,其後设立了数间五星级酒店及度假村的水療中心,其中一间更赢得了“亞洲最佳日間水療中心”三連冠,也因此被行家視為SPA行業的開山祖。在2003年,我决定移民到英国,在英国落地生根,自立門戶。2011年,在因緣成熟之下,開始了我的NO HANDS(無手重力按摩)生涯。當時我發現了這門學問實在非同凡響,強而有力,深而不痛,有力的同時還能做到解放的效果,從此我就接納了NO HANDS的理念和技 巧。在2013年,我加入了教練團隊,更在2015年經過重重考驗後榮升為NO HANDS MASTER。見證了NO HANDS系統不可思議的力量,能夠分享這标新立异,顛覆傳統的方法是我一生的榮幸。”

Call: 07903 974730

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Amanda Watson

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

“I qualified in Massage in 1996. My passion for massage took me to different parts of the world, continuing my learning for holistic health and wellbeing.

When I found it too painful to massage I thought my career was over; then I found NO HANDS which enabled me to protect my hands and I learnt to use my body weight to fall safely into my client’s tissues. Massaging with focus and breath allows my touch to go deeper; consequently I am able to offer my clients an even better treatment!

As an Instructor, I want to help others do the same and massage with zero strain.”

Call: 07740 717 999

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Sue Cross


“I’ve been a therapist for over 10 years and teaching massage for over 8.

My first NO HANDS course was in 2006 – I’ve now been a part of the trainer team for 4 years and became a Master in 2013. 

I am passionate about NO HANDS – for me it is not just about learning techniques, it’s a philosophy of massage that spills over into my personal life and has been the best thing I’ve done on a professional level.”

Call: 07888 666 359

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Wendy Mills


“Involved with people’s health and well being all my life, from being a nurse to running a successful Beauty and Complementary Therapy Centre in Hereford.

Like so many therapists my career was being cut short by injury. So in 2013 I began immersing in NO HANDS Massage, and I haven’t looked back since. It has given me a whole new lease of life and I can see my career extending for many years to come.

I would love to share this with you so I invite you to train with me in Herefordshire.”

Call: 07858 137889

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Barbara Selfridge

Angus & Tayside, Scotland

“I’ve been a massage therapist since 1998 and RSI affected my ability to provide good therapeutic massages to clients. 

My journey with NO HANDS massage started in 2006 and I’ve not looked back.  I immersed myself completely in the approach to massage. 

I became a Master in 2014 and now instruct in Scotland.  I live in Carnoustie, Angus and provide courses in a variety of locations.”

Call: 07711 512 369

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Cathy Ward


“My journey learning massage started in 2007. I’ve always had a passion for learning, growing my knowledge and skills, and growing me.

In 2012 I found NO HANDS Massage. I fell in love with their approach to massage, depth of learning, positive supportive approach and respect shown to students.

It’s a privilege to be able to offer courses now from my own therapy room in Bradford and from different venues around the country. I look forward to meeting you!”

Call: 07886 755061

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Claire Skeete


In February 2009 I did the Transforming Touch course which transformed my way of working and meant I could continue my career without straining my hands or body. 

I have been a member of the NO HANDS Massage Association since 2009 and continue my learning journey with them. I look forward to sharing the approach with you.

With 7 years clinical experience of NO HANDS Massage I know you can truly transform your touch and keep you working at a job you love I am looking forward to working with you.”

Call: 07949 575 643

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Liza Atkinson

Vancouver, WA USA

“NCBTMB since 2012, and BTCMB since 2016.

I attended Gerry’s seminar in Richmond, Virginia, USA, in November 2012.  While watching Gerry perform a treatment, my brain yelled “This is it – this is what you have been searching for.” 

I booked on the first international training course in 2014 and have never looked back. Since receiving such intensive treatments during training, and performing treatments in my practice, I am a changed person and look forward to sharing the NO HANDS philosophy with the States.

I am currently based in Vancouver, WA.”

Call: +757 650 2746

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