Massage for Trauma

A one-day advanced Massage training for qualified bodyworkers who want to integrate POLYVAGAL theory into their work and effectively treat trauma and related conditions.

This advanced massage training day is a chance to get UP TO DATE on the latest developments in medicine, namely the neuroscience of trauma – and how we can practically use this information in our bodywork treatments. Combining clinical experience with 20 years in the training room, Gerry is uniquely placed to provide an outstanding quality of training – both in its content and delivery.

“My clients are now presenting with a very different type of problem than when I started my massage clinic, over 35 years ago.

“Low energy, chronic conditions, anxiety and depression, immunity problems and inflammation (to name but a few) are now ubiquitous.

“Last year, I asked over 200 bodyworkers (on my training days) if this pattern was a change that they had also seen? Over 90% agreed with me…

“The good news is that the most recent neuroscience can help us to understand why this is so, through a complete revolution in our understanding of trauma. We can also learn how this new information raises massage therapy and bodywork therapies to the forefront of effective trauma treatments.”

Massage for Trauma

Significantly for all bodyworkers, it seems touch is one of the key ways to reach the centres of the brain where trauma can be healed. I will be explaining just how we can use this information practically for our clients – 95% of whom are carrying massive levels of trauma without even realising it.

You don’t want to miss this, as this is crucial material for your clinical success in our fast changing world.​

Sorry! Bookings are now closed – contact us to receive new dates as soon as they’re announced

This day builds on and reinforces the material Gerry taught on his acclaimed ‘Neuroscience of Touch’ workshops around the UK last year. It is a response to the many requests he has received to show how the neuroscience can be applied in the treatment room.

Attendance on this course also comes with a free access to Gerry’s 7 video course The Neuroscience of Touch – which costs £49 to buy separately.

As a result of familiarity with the material on this video course,  we are able to focus on the practical issues of just how we can apply this neuroscience in our sessions with clients.

This is an experiential workshop in which you will learn from the feedback of each other after each exercise as well as from the material presented. This will enable you to witness the impact of touch on the nervous system of both yourself and on a wide spectrum of people.


About Gerry Pyves: 

Gerry Pyves is one of the UK’s most respected and well known massage therapists. For over 30 years he has been leading the way in how to integrate the mind and body through transformational touch. His teachings have inspired thousands of bodyworkers all over the world. The author of 7 books on both touch and psychology, and with over 30 years of clinical experiences his applied and practical workshops are not to be missed. As well as teaching all over the UK, he has run workshops from San Diego to Taiwan. His 2019 tour of ‘Massage for Trauma’ covers  London, Glasgow, Morecambe and Birmingham. This training day follows on from his highly acclaimed 2018 sell out tour: ‘The Neuroscience of Touch’.


Sorry! Bookings are now closed – contact us to receive new dates as soon as they’re announced

What people say about training with Gerry

“Gerry brings alive factual information, connecting up to date science with the effects of powerful, ancient massage therapy in the treatment of trauma, locked in the mind and body.” Dawn Cree

“I’ve been on several neuroscience study events before; this time I think I finally ‘get it’!” Vanessa Boddye

“I found this course hugely benefitted my own understanding and healing.” Emma Gunnell

“If family, friends, clients or myself are triggered, I now feel I have an effective tool to use.” Janine Kember

“It’s taught me why my husband reacts to situations in the way he does and will help with my personal relationships.” Melissa Funnell

“It was hugely helpful to go into how the brain is triggered and how we have the potential to help ourselves and others feel safe and calm.” Michelle Ahluwalia

“This will be really useful. I had a situation yesterday where this knowledge would have been helpful.” Theresa Aldous

“The models were kept simple with valuable exercises that allowed everyone to walk through the content and bring it to life. The pace was great and the breaks were valuable in further exploring ideas with the group. Shared group experiences stretched by thinking.” Sarah Bean

Accessible, fascinating, entertaining.” Sophie Atkinson

“We had a lot of questions throughout that Gerry managed to answer very well without any hesitation. It was obvious how well informed and knowledgeable he is on the subject. I like his style of presenting, with lots of humour and laughter whilst learning.” Rita Patel

Sorry! Bookings are now closed – contact us to receive new dates as soon as they’re announced