Learning NO HANDS Massage

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How NO HANDS started…

When Gerry first started developing the NO HANDS Massage approach he did it simply to fulfil his own clinical need: to be able to offer powerful, effective treatments to his clients in a way that both didn’t injure him further AND, at the very beginning, enabled him to keep working despite already carrying injuries related to using the classical Swedish moves.

What became apparent was that he was far from alone in having been injured by practicing Massage – in fact 6 independent studies from around the world together show that 60-70% of practicing Massage therapists are carrying injury. A figure which doesn’t include all the Massage therapists who have already been lost to the profession through injury and exhaustion. And not only that, but when other therapists saw him work they desperately wanted to learn this inspiring new approach – and so the first course was born in our Foundation course: TRANSFORMING TOUCH.


The first course: becoming a NO HANDS Practitioner

This first course, TRANSFORMING TOUCH: the NO HANDS Practitioner Training, (taught over 9 days, either in three modules over 3 months or in one block) contains everything you need to be able to Massage powerfully and with true zero strain for the rest of your career. It covers the principles Gerry was working with for the first 7 years of working clinically with NO HANDS.


Gerry only started teaching NO HANDS several years after using it clinically in hundreds of treatments and in that time already a huge variety of strokes and core principles had emerged – such that anyone watching Gerry work on a course saw not just what you can learn on TRANSFORMING TOUCH: the NO HANDS Practitioner Training but how Gerry had evolved those principles into even more exciting work. Initially, Gerry simply advised people to take what they’d learned at TRANSFORMING TOUCH back to their treatment rooms and keep working it: after a mere 5 – 10 years they could be working just like him. Somewhat unsurprisingly a fair few therapists wanted to get stuck in with this more advanced material sooner rather than later.


The Complete NO HANDS Therapy System of Transformational Touch

And so the complete NO HANDS Therapy System of Transformational Touch developed. Over almost 20 years of teaching this material, each course has been further refined and year on year students are achieving more powerful outcomes with their clients earlier on in their NO HANDS journey – and are continuing to discover the power of travelling through the NO HANDS journey for their clients, for their practice and for themselves. Those who have persevered have discovered the rewards to be worth ten times the effort it first cost – especially when they have truly taken on board our learning philosophy of Gradually, over time, through repetition – with support.


Becoming a Transformational Bodyworker

Within NO HANDS, the definition of a transformational Bodyworker is simple:

A transformational Bodyworker is a practitioner who is able to facilitate whatever healing the client desires – across the whole range of PEEMS (Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual).

This transformation is determined entirely by the client, who we regard as the only ‘expert’ in the room when it comes to transformation. The bodyworker is simply the servant of the profound transformational wisdom that lies deep within the body of each and every client. Each stage of the NO HANDS Massage journey establishes a new building block that propels the serious bodywork professional towards such a worthy aim.

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