Instructor Update: Jan 2017


Gerry PyvesHappy New Year! This video has vital information for you about some really exciting changes for 2017 – and as changes go, this is pretty seismic. As ever, if you’ve comments, queries or just want to check something out, please do get in touch in the comments below and me or one of the team will get back to you as soon as we can.

As a licensed NO HANDS instructor you’re an absolutely vital part of spreading this powerful healing touch in this world that needs it so desperately – not just in your own practice but through the students you teach – and that means you’ve got a hotline to all the support the Company can offer you, so just reach out if you need it. Let’s get stuck in!” Gerry


  • Watch the video above in full (as many times as you need to understand all elements of this new development)
  • Post any comments, questions or “reality checks” in the comments section below
  • Contact the office if you need to amend or change any of your course dates
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the official launch!


Oh, and remember, if you want to order any of the 2017 yearbook (£20 for 10 – order in multiples of 10) contact the office by FRIDAY JANUARY 20th 2017

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