How do YOU work out your pricing?

The issue of how much to charge for your Massage is one that is discussed time and again. Because, quite simply, this is a really tough nut to crack!

There are many aspects to pricing – will you have an introductory offer? Will you offer discounts for block bookings or regular customers? Will you price yourself to try to compete with other local therapists? But, ultimately, there’s one figure that is an essential starting point:

What is your “base price” that will cover not only your expenses, but get you the income you want…when your practice is full

Begin with the end in mind, right?

The Thorny Issue of Price workshop

Answering this question is exactly what we did on Saturday February 12th. The recording of this practical and interactive workshop that walks you through exactly how to work out what you need to be charging to achieve the income level you want is available to all NO HANDS Massage Association members (along with a host of other resources – learn more about membership here). This isn’t about comparing yourself with local therapists, or what you “should” be charging: this is looking at your unique situation, and your clinic desires and needs.

You’ll be guided through how to calculate a simple structure to come up with a price unique to you. This information is of benefit to therapists working in any modality – bodywork or otherwise.

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