A Good Spring begins in Winter

A blog by Gerry Pyves, NO HANDS Massage Founder & Creator

Have you noticed just how many people are succumbing to the dreaded cough and cold ‘flu bug this year?

Or how many people are simply exhausted and depleted this winter?

Or just how hard it is for so many to ‘shake off’ the ‘flu – how it lingers?

I, and many other therapists I know, have all reported similar situations…Clients arriving really tired and depleted and requesting gentle and nurturing treatments. Needing a gentle ‘recharge’. Nothing too vigorous.

So I have been thinking a lot about depletion and repletion this winter. I have begun to think how a good spring really does begin  in winter – in just the same way that a good day begins the night before.

When all of nature hibernates and the seeds lie deep in the Earth, very often what we humans tend to do is continue with our relentless daily schedules and just plough straight on much as we did in the Summer or Autumn – trying to ignore the early morning dark as we stick to our demanding work and school schedules.

And because we have not listened to the sluggishness of the body or felt the pulse of the Earth slow down in the Winter, then when Spring arrives we very quickly succumb to exhaustive or immune deficiency conditions.


Another way…

But if, like the rest of nature, we listen to the ‘gathering in’ of Winter and allow the body to sleep longer, burrow deeper into our duvets and spend longer sitting in front of cosy fires, then when Spring comes along, we are fully recharged and ready to explode into action and life.

In my opinion, taking time to rest and recharge in Winter is simply time well invested  – if we want a truly energetic and thriving Spring.

Happy duvet Burrowing!

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  • Samantha Thompson

    I love that you mentioned ignoring the dark mornings and carrying in as normal. It really is the elephant in the room.
    I think you have summed the whole issue perfectly. Thank you.

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