“Finding Mimi” – remembering my journey to becoming a Master

Master Mimi NessBy Mimi Ness, NO HANDS Master 

Some of you may know that I failed at my first attempt to become a Master.  At the exam feedback I was encouraged to “do it my way”. Easier said than done after a lifetime of being culturally conditioned in Malaysia to do what is expected of me!


How to change such an ingrained habit?


So I decided to “walk the talk” and booked in for a transformational massage with Master Robin. Well, it was just incredible.  I took a really powerful treatment.  Robin asked me “why do you feel the need to do the right thing?  What is the right thing?”  It was at that moment that it suddenly dawned on me that I am always trying to do what is expected of me.  I realised then what I needed to do was to do what feels right for me … not what I think other people think is right, or want me to do.


So I gave permission to myself for it to be ok to ‘just be me’.


I soon realised that I am enough for me, and that  I am comfortable in my own skin.  That acceptance liberated me!  I started to view things in a different light.  I began moving in my massage with this wonderful sense of ease that is so enjoyable.  I found freedom in myself and it impacted on my clients.  They were getting amazing outcomes from their treatments, from my freedom of movement.  It was just awesome!


With this new found freedom I took my learning further.  I went for a Master Support Session with Master Sophie…


Actually, this has changed the way I live my life.  We touched on the topic of “permissions” and Sophie talked to me about using the NHM postural keys as a way of anchoring permissions in my everyday life.  It was indeed an eye opener!


I went home and put it into practice.  Everyday I made a conscious effort to have an awareness of my breath …. To feel in my Hara …. To make my life soft …. To feel grounded through the soles of my feet … checking whether I was in time and in tune with myself through my flow …. Staying focused.


I continued this mind set and took it with me to my clients…


Every day I stirred mud … I breathed … I connected to my Hara …. I flowed … I fell …. I shired.  I worked with the postural keys and “lines and circle”, focusing on being soft, connecting to my breath.  I gave myself permission to massage in a way that makes me feel free.  I danced on my clients’ tissues.  It was just magical.  My clients went home with their gold, their outcomes.  Every night I too went home with my pot of gold.


The Assessment Training Weekend reinforced my growth, my thoughts and my feelings.  I got confirmation that I was in a good place, a new place – different from before. So I just went into my Mastery Assessment exam with my stick and my pot!


I thought of Geraldine’s words and just kept stirring the mud.  The world stood still.  It was just me in my Hara and in the “here and now” with my clients.  When I got my results I was blown away!  I couldn’t believe that I had made it.  I’ve arrived!!!!


That night I took my pot home filled to the brim with Gold.  There was an abundance of it.  Gold from the overwhelming strokes I received.  Gold from my two masterful clients who took powerful treatments.  Gold from Gerry and the wonderful team of examining masters.


I went to work the next day feeling full and complete.  I poured all this goodness and all this gold into my clients and they were getting amazing outcomes.  It was blissful.  I spent the whole week celebrating with my clients and on my clients –  through my massage.


It’s the weekend now and I feel a sense of calm serenity and contentment.  I am very happy.  My process of becoming a master has finally concluded and I am a Master. Yes I am!



It has been an incredible journey of self-realisation.  I have learnt so much and have grown from the experience.  For me, the three most important lessons I take away with me are:

  1. To be me – its ok to be myself and be free,
  2. To live my life embracing the NO HANDS Postural Keys,
  3. In NO HANDS terms – IA WYDIT WTYDI (It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.) – it’s how I touch my client in this treatment in the “here and now” that really matters.


For now I am going to take the time to have a quiet celebration with my rock, my husband Alan who is a tower of strength and support for me. I recommend this journey to every single one of you – it is a unique opportunity that is only available to us lucky NO HANDers – so take it. Go on!


(The Transformational Massage that Mimi refers to is taught at NO HANDS Level 3: Transactional Bodywork)

Mimi Ness is a NO HANDS Massage Clinical, Supervising and Examining MasterAfter a successful career in spa management in Malaysia Mimi now works from her clinic near Hull and is one of our licenced NO HANDS Instructors, as well as being part of the core Company trainer team.


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