Your favourite NO HANDS concepts

The delivery of every NO HANDS Massage is underpinned by a wealth of concepts and principles which are what make NO HANDS, NO HANDS. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just completed Practitioner or are a Master with decades of experience, these ideas are there in the background supporting you and supporting your client.

That said, there are so many of these concepts that it’s easy to take some for granted – and we recently had a great thread on our Association-only Facebook group where we all got to “chew the cud” together and share which of these concepts comes top of our own personal list – whether because of the impact its had on your practice or, in many cases, on your life.

So what concepts topped the pile?


Postural key number 5, Support, came out as a big favourite – and for good reason! As Sue Mcfarlane said:

“SUPPORT wins! Because of it’s many different aspects within NO HANDS & in life. Support for myself, through the postural keys & practitioner hub, ensuring I can massage safely & effectively, no matter what speed or depth is needed by client. Support for my clients as they can, through the client hub, be sure of a safe place to breath, feel & release as well as the option to feedback direct to NO HANDS head office, should they wish to comment confidentially.  Support through the NO HANDS family, who have been there for me, every step, sometimes ‘painful’, of my journey, so far.”


Postural Keys

As well as Support on its own, all seven Postural Keys were another favourite – Hara, Sole, Flow, Falling, Support, Kneeling and Shire. Miranda Davis is a particular fan of sole:

For me it’s sole , brings me right back into my hub if my minds gone a wandering.

And for Cathy Ward Hara & Flow come out in particular:

For me it’s going right back to the beginning and Hara, working from my Hara and flow, how that brings me into my body, and into the present moment. So good for me, and so good for my clients. I think that is why I love massage so much, because in that moment I get so much from that touch as well.”


Laying flowers

The concept of Laying Flowers came up for many, “Transformational in so many ways,” says Master Anita. Laying flowers also ties in very closely to the client-centric nature of NO HANDS and…


Meeting clients where they are



Making the clients’ words my only reality


There are so many concepts – picking just one was tough and other favourites included I’m OK, You’re OK,  PEEMSLess is MoreGo Slow to Go Fast, the Stretchy SuitWhere it Is, it isn’t, Systemic, Begin with the end in mind, Sponging, Gradually over time through repetition with support, and moving from the Hips.

But a brief foray into the broad and diverse world of NO HANDS concepts wouldn’t be complete without a mention of…


Stirring the Mud

Interestingly, for at least two of you the top concepts were a close run heat between Laying Flowers and Stirring the Mud. Ailia Barnwell said:

Equal favourites: stirring mud because it gives me the faith and determination to keep going, and laying flowers because it’s so respectful of our clients, allowing them to take in the touch at their own pace. Both transfer so well into other areas of life for me too.

And Master Wendy said:

“For me it’s “stirring mud”…that’s what got me over the final hurdle to becoming a Master! Closely followed by “laying flowers”. Both have had a huge impact on my work, but in life generally. Love it.”




Seeing all these contributions pop up as the conversation evolved was great – do get involved with the discussion, or start your own thread!

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