The Dynamics of Depth – Dates and Locations

What is really deep Massage and Bodywork? Sometimes the lightest touch can produce the deepest outcomes for clients and at other times clients seem to need more depth than we can safely provide without injuring ourselves.

On this day you will learn how to work comfortably and safely across the whole spectrum of depth and explore what impact this can have on us and our clients.

Read more about the concepts taught on this day: Contrast, Clothed Massageand A New Decompression Therapy



By location

Bracknell, Berkshire

Instructor: Carl Lister
Call: 07932 632 114
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Bradford (Thackley – BD10)

Instructor: Cathy Ward
Call: 07886 755061
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Bridport, Dorset

Instructor: Amanda Jones
Call: 07733 045 289
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Carnoustie, Nr Dundee

Instructor: Barbara Selfridge
Call: 07711 512 369
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Central Scotland/Ireland

Instructor: Deborah King
Call: 07429 958343
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Hartford, Cheshire

Instructor: Robin Dalglish
Call: 07891 369 078
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April 29th 2018
Sept 2nd 2018
Instructor: Wendy Mills
Call: 07858 137 889
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Leigh on Sea, Essex

Instructor: Sandra Morris
Call: 07790 205 960
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March 10th 2018
Instructor: Claire Skeete
Call: 07949 575 643
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Instructor: Mimi Ness
Call: 07903 974730
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March 10th 2018
May 26th 2018
July 28th 2018

Oct 17th 2018
Call: 07888 666 359
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Trevone, Cornwall

Instructor: Robin Dalglish

Call: 07891 369 078
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Instructor: Liza Atkinson
Call: 757 650 2746 
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Wakefield, West Yorkshire

June 10th 2018
Instructor: Amanda Watson
Call: 07740 717 999
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By date

March 10th: London Claire Skeete

March 10th: Manchester Sue Cross

April 29th: Hereford Wendy Mills

May 26th: Manchester Sue Cross

June 10th: Wakefield Amanda Watson

July 28th: Manchester Sue Cross

September 2nd: Hereford Wendy Mills

October 17th: Manchester Sue Cross

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