Day 6: The EARTH Treatment

Every regular NO HANDS client knows exactly the type of Touch that will help them best, but there are certain patterns that occur again and again. So when a new client arrives in need of rest and recuperation two treatments are my absolute “Go to”: the first is the EARTH treatment.

This treatment is SLOW. This treatment is DEEP. During the session your tissues will be powerfully compressed – without any pain. They will be given space to expand and realign. The music most often used in these sessions will further help SLOW your mind, your breath, your very being. Your practitioner may even use earthy, and very often woody, scents in the room to further enhance the experience.

NO HANDS Therapist, Ailia Barnwell, says, “It would be hard to say that any style is my absolute favourite but I love giving Earth treatment. After giving an Earth treatment I often hear from clients that their mind has become quiet, that they are more in their body and more at peace. It is great for when you want to SLOW down and CONNECT to the natural rhythms of your body and the Earth itself.

We can never guarantee exactly what you’ll take from a session, but if you’re feeling like you’re running at a million miles an hour and need help to slow down and give yourself space to breath, the Earth treatment is an excellent go-to. You may also want to ask your NO HANDS therapist about the other elemental treatments.

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