Day 4: Touch YOU can learn

NeuroTouch logoContinuing yesterday’s theme of my love affair with The Chair, today we’re focusing on NeuroTouch. Another of Gerry’s* creations, NeuroTouch is a simple Touch protocol, designed to soothe the nervous system. It can be learned by everyone. No prior experience or qualifications required – it’s a peer-to-peer Touch protocol which can be completed in 40 minutes and used as often as you can get together with your NeuroTouch buddy.

Gerry designed it as a way to get top quality therapeutic Touch into people’s homes, even if they couldn’t afford regular Massage. However, it’s turned out this two-day training  has massive benefits for Massage Therapists too (NO HANDers and otherwise).

Just like NO HANDS, NeuroTouch is based on the three primal movements of Stroking, Rocking and Compression. These three movements have been used for millenia – think of rocking a baby to sleep, the role of swaddling, gently stroking someone’s arm when their in distress. Gerry instinctively integrated them into NO HANDS but since then their potency has been backed up by his and thousands of therapists’ clinical experience, and latterly very exciting neuroscientific research from Professor Francis P McGlone of John Moore’s University in Liverpool. Not just for created a great Massage, but for soothing the nervous system and depotentiating trauma triggers.

The three primal movements are put together in their simplest and purest form in the NeuroTouch training. For everyone. And for any qualified Massage Therapist this gives them an awesome foundation in these primal movements which they can immediately transfer into their clinical work. Which is exactly what happened for me.

The NO HANDS Chair work had always excited me because of its incredible accessibility. However, combining my NO HANDS  training with the NeuroTouch material has taken my Chair work to another level entirely. NeuroTouch has also had a huge impact on my clinical work done on the Massage table. If you thought I was gush-y about the Chair yesterday, don’t even get me started on NeuroTouch!

NeuroTouch was just getting going, with courses scheduled around the country, when Covid hit in 2020. Devastating – on so many levels. That said, a silver lining has emerged in the increasing awareness of the general public of our need for regular Touch, with many people seeking ways to bring more good quality, positive Touch into their lives.

Enter NeuroTouch.

The first live NeuroTouch courses for 2022 have been confirmed with more dates being scheduled (including one down South) – check out the full details here.

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  • Heather Senior

    I hope I win the 2 free places as I’d love to bring my friend who has suffered trauma and I have rheumatoid arthritis and feel I too would benefit from learning about neurotouch

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