Day 3: The Chair

NO HANDS Master, Tigger MacGregor, dressed in black Massages a clothed female client on a Massage Chair.The Chair. Oh, the Chair! My own relationship with Chair-based Massage has been a varied one but, I confess, right now it’s an absolute love affair. The humble Chair is SO EASY. Other than the face cradle cover, there are no towels or coverings to worry about. It can be sanitised in less than a minute. The client doesn’t need to undress. The practitioner can work from standing or from a stool. There’s loads of space to move around (even in a room which would feel a bit “tight” for classic NO HANDS table work). And it’s just a dream!

But let’s go back a few paces (see what happens when you’re in love? Well, when I’m in love…)

There are two core approaches to Chair Massage – meridian / acupressure point based, and muscle based. In NO HANDS we teach a muscle-based approach. And get feedback again and again from clients who experienced definite shifts in their energetic state, and could feel their energy flowing differently. It ain’t what you do…it’s the way the client processes it…

Chair Massage (NO HANDS or otherwise) is a great “gateway” treatment – it can be done incredibly easily, in very public settings yet still creating the incredibly healing space that Massage can. Believe it or not, I’ve delivered NO HANDS Chair Massage next to a busy road outside Faslane Naval Base while an anti-nuclear weapons demonstration was going on on the other side of the road (which in itself is a story for another day). Even in this setting I had a client get off the Chair and tell me it was the best treatment they’d ever had. They’d EVER had.

There were cars going past, barely a metre away, throughout the treatment. That’s how accessible Chair Massage can be. (Although I HIGHLY recommend choosing a less intense environment to set yourself up in!)

Client getting off a Massage Chair

There are lots of Chair Massage trainings out there but to know you’re working truly zero-strain, NO HANDS is the way to go. Although it seems “simple” to an onlooker, all NO HANDS Chair treatments are delivered by practitioners who have already completed at least 15 days of NO HANDS training – which is why the actual NO HANDS Chair course is just two days. Click here for more details

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