Day 22: When You’re Time Rich But Cash Poor

How much is a single Massage treatment near you? £40? £60? £100? I’ve seen therapists advertising – and getting – anything up to £150 per treatment. Yes, it depends where in the country they are but even at £40 a pop it’s not as affordable as you may need.

What if you could get daily treatments for £149?

Actually, what if you & your bestie could get daily treatments for a one-off payment of just £74.50 each without EITHER of you needing to hold an existing Massage qualification?

Sound too good to be true?

Well, strictly, it is: it’s not just about the cash. You have to invest the time – but cash-wise yup, that pricing is right.

This is what NeuroTouch offers you. In just 2 days of training you’ll learn everything you need to know to be able to give and receive powerful therapeutic Touch with your buddy as many times in the week (or the day!) as you like. Touch which can soothe your nervous system and even help you resolve deep seated traumas – traumas you may not even consciously understand.

For more information about NeuroTouch – including dates and booking – click here

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