Day 2: Nurturance

Amanda Jones, NO HANDS Therapist, Massaging a client's backWe all need some nurturance in our life. A bit of TLC. And Touch is a MASSIVE part of this.

A hug. A cuddle with a pet. Gently touching someone’s arm. A Massage.

Of all the different treatments NO HANDS therapists offer, the NO HANDS NURTURE treatment is very often their “favourite” or “go to”. Because, by their nature, Massage therapists tend to be carers and nurturers, wanting to look after those around them (and then some!)

The NO HANDS NURTURE treatment is a treatment that envelops your tissues in long, flowing, seemingly never-ending strokes that are incredibly hypnotic in nature. It can feel like being in completely encased in Touch. The pace can vary, the depth can vary,  but overall this tends to be a calming, soothing and, you got it, nurturing experience for you, the client.

All NO HANDS practitioners offer the NO HANDS NURTURE treatment – find your nearest therapist to experience it for yourself.

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