Day 18: Slow Is Beautiful

We live in a world that rewards fast. Where quality is often sacrificed in favour of quantity. Where people work incredibly long hours to be able to afford two weeks of rest by a pool in the Maldives.
Yet slow really is beautiful. Entirely counter-cultural yet still beautiful. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching a room full of NO HANDS therapists as they explore just how slow they can go. How slow they can go while also maintaining the flow that is so characteristic of a NO HANDS treatment.
The looks on their faces at the end of the treatment when they tell me how blessed out they are from giving a treatment.
The looks on their clients‘ faces as they peel themselves off the massage table and explore what they’re noticing in themselves. The shifts that have happened. The baggage that has been let go of. The quiet transformations that have taken place.

So even if you’re not ready to receive a NO HANDS treatment, keep your eyes peeled for a local therapist who’s doing an open evening, or offering treatments at a local fair or other public event. Just watching, let alone receiving, one of these powerful, SLOW treatments can have a huge impact.
It’s almost like we’re communal beings. Like we’re designed to share the experience of those around us. Like our nervous system contains mirror neurons that do exactly this job for us.
Go on. Take time out… Just watch it 😉

Thanks for reading,

Master Tigger MacGregor

PS If you haven’t read E. F. Schumacher’s Small is Beautiful I highly recommend it

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