Day 16: If you don’t plant the bulb, you’ll never see the daffodil

Something about the current situation with the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has brought back echoes of the days before the very first UK lockdown. We know so much more than we did then: about COVID-19, about masks, about lockdowns, about lateral flow tests and PCR tests (I just looked it up: PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction).

We also know how much uncertainty there is in life – to a degree I definitely used to take for granted.

Running away and hiding from it all isn’t an option: we are social animals. We NEED contact. We need our tribe.

Some of us need it a lot. Some of us a little. Most of us somewhere in between. That connection – it’s utterly vital. It’s heart wrenching having plans to see loved ones dashed, during what is supposedly “the most wonderful time of the year”.

Yet that is what we’re facing. Again. COVID-19 is a force that few anticipated would change the world quite as much as it has done – or be as persistent. Again, harking back to those heady days of early 2020, I was convinced it would be over by July. 2020. The rollercoaster continues.

Which brings me back to the bulb. Planting a bulb, a seed, even a young plant – it’s an act of faith and of hope. There are so many things that can happen to stop that life flourishing. Yet one thing is absolutely certain: if it never gets planted, it will never have a chance. 

So today, and any day that you’re finding difficult in the weeks, months and possibly years to come:

I invite you to be brave and plant that bulb

Maybe it’s a change in your own day-to-day life. Maybe it’s a plan for a much needed get together with a friend. Maybe it’s the first step towards a new career. Maybe it’s a first step towards more space and rest in your life.

It’s your bulb. It’s your vision. Share it with the world – because the world needs it, because the world needs you.

It may seem like this post has nothing to do with NO HANDS. I disagree. Since the very beginning NO HANDS has been about hope. About finding a way through. About looking at the impossible and creating something better than had ever been imagined before. About changing the world through the power of transformational Touch.

I have no crystal ball and I don’t know how the NO HANDS community of Masters, trainers, instructors, therapists, and clients will navigate this next phase of COVID-19. But I know that it will.

I have hope.

I have faith.

And I hope you can find some too.

Thanks for reading,

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Master Tigger MacGregor

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