Day 15: The Detox you can Enjoy

I know the word “detox” used to bring about all sorts of unpleasant images for me. Tubes into places-of-which-we-don’t-speak. Liquid-only diets involving lots of flavours I’d normally avoid. Then there’s the more serious end of detoxing for people wanting to come off really addictive substances – and all they have to go through to “get clean”.

Not a pretty picture!

Detox BoxHowever, these days, “detox” makes me think of the absolutely gorgeous NO HANDS DETOX treatment, along with the super effective DETOX BOX. Much happier thoughts!

Integrating the NO HANDS COLON treatment, the DETOX treatment takes it to the next level. This is a full body experience which invites all the tissues of the body to soften, before stimulating the reflexes on the feet and working on the colon itself. The treatment stimulates your body’s own natural instinct to rebalance.

The protocols outlined in the DETOX BOX, combined with regular NO HANDS DETOX treatments, can:

  • transform energy levels and diet patterns
  • stimulate creativity
  • increase sports performance
  • show underlying food intolerances
  • offer a mental uplift

…and much more. This list comes from DETOX BOX users own experiences – check out their stories here (you’ll need to scroll down a bit).

with Master Beth Hunt in Liverpool is a big fan:

The gut/colon is often the unsung hero of our bodies but is one of the most important in so many ways! Give a little love to your digestive system.” 

NO HANDS Master Beth Hunt massaging a client's back


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