Day 12: In Celebration of Feet

I don’t know what it’s like with you today, but where I am it is undoubtedly a “book on the sofa by the fire” day. And today the book in question is Gerry’s In Celebration of Feet. This is, by far, my favourite of Gerry’s trilogy about NO HANDS. Bold statement! Well, The Principles and Practice of NO HANDS Massage is, of course, a classic. It has lots of pictures and breaks down into chunks well – but it’s still much more akin to a textbook.

Cover of In Celebration of Feet book by Gerry PyvesIn Celebration of Feet, however, is like a love poem to the feet – and to Touch. From the gentle brown ink (it’s printed in brown ink rather than the traditional black) to the short yet powerful explorations of the seven postural keys to the space given to John Coombes’ stunning illustrations, this is a book to relax with and enjoy. Even flicking through it brings me a sense of ease and peace. The joy of books, eh?

My love of this book may also be driven by my love of the NO HANDS Reflex treatment. This full body treatment is designed to encourage every fibre of the client’s being to soften and relax so by the time the feet themselves are worked they need barely a breath for the reflexes to fire. It can be delivered fully clothed. There are no oils involved. It’s completely zero strain for the practitioner. It’s an utter delight to give and to receive.

Interestingly, the NO HANDS Reflex treatment is the only treatment which has dramatically increased my speed of functioning afterwards. I remember the first time I received it on a course – I was well into my NO HANDS training and traditionally would spend my post-treatment walk moving incredibly slowly, almost as if I was in a trance. Not so after the NO HANDS Reflex treatment! I was a veritable road-runner as I flew around the room – and my spirit was utterly elated. I have also had traditional reflexology and haven’t had a response anywhere close to this.

NO HANDS Therapist Susan Smith with founder, Gerry Pyves

NO HANDS Therapist, Susan Smith, with founder Gerry Pyves when she first completed her training

So if you haven’t already experienced it, I highly recommend booking yourself a NO HANDS Reflex treatment. NO HANDS Therapist, Susan Smith, in East Sussex loves it:

I love giving the NO HANDS Reflex as it invites a reverential, serene honouring of Feet! I love to see the client’s face as it works its magic and they really relax and let go.

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