Welcome to the first day of the NO HANDS Advent series!

Today is all about RESILIENCE, something we all need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. NO HANDS offers a great FREE resource for building your own resilience – the Tools for Resilience online resource. Today we’ll also be exploring another great resilience building resource: MASSAGE (make sure you read to the end to find out how you could get yourself a FREE Massage treatment).


So, Tools for Resilience

The best news about this resource? Lifetime access is completely free.

It contains three great resources:

1. The 4 Breaths Meditation: It’s possible to use our BREATH to build and maintain our resilience. All you need to know is HOW. People talk about THE BREATH a lot – “Now, just BREATHE…” But how is that different from what we do every second of every day (without even thinking about it)? And why is it so important to focus on the breath? These are key questions, and this 4 Breaths Meditation answers them, as well as explaining exactly how to get the most from the guided meditation (also included!)

I use this breath a lot in my practice as I also practice yoga. It was wonderfully explained and demonstrated. Many thanks.” Liz Gaffney, UK

2. The 3 Primal Movements Meditation: Having learnt how to make the best use of your breath in the previous meditation, you can now expand your resilience-building meditation practice to include the Three Primal Movements

These movements can soothe our core nervous system at a level words simply can’t reach. Learn how to incorporate these movements into a powerful meditation you can use as often as you like – plus access a complete guided meditation to put everything you’ve learned into practice.

“I’ve only just started with the Primal Movements, but the breathing has made a huge difference. It has an immediate effect on the nervous system and has an immediately calming and soothing effect on me if I’m feeling stressed or anxious about anything. I’ve actually got so I love doing my deep breathing! It feels like such a reward – especially the pauses after each inhalation and exhalation. It’s something I’d already been doing and have always felt that the pauses are more valuable than even the breaths, as they offer complete stillness to our body and mind. Louise Boyce, UK

3. The Three Psychological Hungers: Part of building our resilience so we can be happy and healthy is making sure we are well fed – not just physically, but psychologically, too. You’ll learn about the Three Psychological Hungers and how you can make sure you’re satisfying these hungers.


The best Resilience-Builder we know: NO HANDS Massage

There’s a huge variety of Massage approaches and therapists out there. But we can say with absolute certainty that a NO HANDS Therapist (someone who’s done the full NO HANDS syllabus) or, even better, a NO HANDS Master will offer you treatments that are almost guaranteed to boost your resilience – gradually, sustainably, gently, solidly.

You can find your nearest practitioner here.

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