Massage for Trauma

Touch is one of the key ways to reach the trauma centres in the brain and this one-day course explains exactly how to apply this cutting-edge knowledge clinically.

Learn how to use the latest neuroscience of trauma to address and soothe every client’s complaints.

“Gerry brings alive factual information, connecting up to date science with the effects of powerful, ancient massage therapy in the treatment of trauma, locked in the mind and body.” Dawn Cree

Gerry Pyves- founder of NO HANDS Massage

Truly bring all of yourself to every treatment, without fear of injury and putting your client in control.

You’ll learn principles to underpin all the treatments you offer, a range of new strokes and a whole new treatment in its own right.

Already attended by over 3,000 students, TRANSFORMING TOUCH is a must for every therapist wanting a long-term career in Massage.

4Elements Massage

Having a clear language and a simple map that both you and your client can follow is essential for effective bodywork.

These treatments are rapidly becoming one of the most effective keys to conveying NO HANDS to clients. Based on the concept of homeostatic balance through the energetic manifestations of the elements of nature – and over 30 years of clinical development and use.

All NO HANDS live training is experiential and designed so what you learn can be used with your clients immediately. You’ll learn through giving Massage; receiving the treatments you’ll be offering; and group discussion, learning the breadth of impacts these approaches to Massage can have, even when performed by practitioners for the very first time.

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