Come Dance With Me

I sing the body electric…

“The universe is a procession with measured and perfect motion”

-Walt Whitman


Since qualifying as a massage therapist in 1984, I feel as if I have been doing my very best to dance this body electric. I never quite had the courage to sing to my clients, though.  Despite this, Walt Whitman’s phrase, “I sing the body electric has stuck in my head for 35 years of bodywork. I think this is because it captures this electrical quality of being human and the quintessentially dynamic character of our work.

And all the latest neuroscience is suggesting that our touch could be impacting the electrical networks of our brains more powerfully than any drug or other kind of therapy. You see Walt was right, our bodies are an electrical system. At the neuronal ends the neurotransmitters literally transmit this charge chemically so that the next neurone can continue the electrical pulse down its axon.

And it is now looking more and more likely that the roots of most of our client’s complaints are rooted in a dysfunctional nervous system. It is also becoming clear that this traumatised nervous system can be ‘re-set’ through the simple power of our touch.


Far from living her life in the fireplace, it seems that Cinderella (Massage therapy) may really be the best dancer at the healer’s ball…


To stay up to date with the latest developments in healing touch and neuroscience, and to discover why Massage is set to become the pre-eminent therapy of trauma, take a look at my Massage For Trauma day. I may even be travelling to somewhere near to you…

I hope you can make it, because we are going to have a great day learning how to impact the nervous system directly through our touch. But do be quick, because places are filling up fast!


By Gerry Pyves

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