Anxiety – the new Pandemic

Have you noticed this? It’s visible everywhere. This means that how we deal with anxiety in our work has now become an essential clinical skill. One that was probably never covered in your initial training. The reason for the popularity of my Massage for Trauma days is that successful Massage therapists all over the UK are realising their lack of this information around this subject…
In these days of MASSIVE ANXIETY it is not enough to simply keep your Massage practice “ticking over”. That is like the shark that stopped swimming – and we all know what happened to him – he drowned. In water!
Well, your practice could also drown under the onslaught of this ‘annus horribilis’. The trauma and anxiety levels of clients in Britain are sky-rocketing. I have never seen anything like it in my 35 years of clinical practice. Because of this, your practice is at serious risk of drowning – despite swimming in your excellent current level of massage knowledge!

The latest neuroscience is showing us that trauma lives in the nervous system. It is also showing us that it is only through the body that we can really influence the nervous system.

Neither the medical establishment nor the Massage profession has woken up to the implications of this game changing research. This new information changes how we should look at our clients and how we should look at our treatments. It is simple: if you know this information, your practice will thrive.  If you do not, you will become a therapeutic dinosaur and clients will go elsewhere!
By Gerry Pyves, NO HANDS Massage Founder and Creator

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