Welcome to Advent – NO HANDS Style!

Here at NO HANDS we take every opportunity we can to celebrate the good, share the stuff that works and get the power of therapeutic Touch out into the world to take one more step towards our Mission Statement:

To heal the world through the power of Transformational Touch

The brilliant Wikipedia tell us that Advent is “a time of expectant waiting and preparation” – traditionally associated with the Christian celebration of Christmas and the return of Christ at the Second Coming. We’ve very much waiting and preparing for an AWESOME year in 2022!

Much as Christmas has very much become a cultural celebration (in addition to its very specific place within Christianity) so too has the period of advent – with all sorts of advent calendars.

So this year we’re having our own NO HANDS digital advent calendar: every day from now until December 24th we’ll be

  • Celebrating the good
  • Sharing stuff that works
  • Getting the power of therapeutic Touch out into the world

You’ll be delighted to hear this will also involve giving you the chance to win vouchers for treatments with NO HANDS therapists around the country!

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