4Elements Massage

Learn a massage system that could transform your practice overnight!

Having a clear language and a simple map that both you and your client can follow is essential for effective bodywork.

Since the earliest of times, many healers and healing systems have recognised the concept of homeostatic balance. Most of the oldest healing systems on the planet recognise that there are different patterns of energy that infuse all life. These different energies are described through their manifestation in the real world, the elements of nature.

Whether it is the Repletion effects of Air, the Structural transformations of Fire, the Soothing effects of Water or the Connecting power of Earth, the elemental model has been used since the earliest of records by Egyptian, Greek, Indian and Oriental healers.

Using the revolutionary depth that is possible through NO HANDS, the four element model addresses most of the reasons why your clients come for massage. Each treatment also provides plenty of scope for you to use your intuition to create the individual variation that is the other hallmark of all successful bodywork.

These treatments are rapidly becoming one of the most effective keys to promoting NO HANDS to clients – and the new focus of our ADVANCED courses. They provide a simple map for you and your clients to successfully navigate your work together.

This approach also gives your clients greater ownership and control of their treatments with you – something that research has shown to increase their sense of safety and the effectiveness of your treatments.

This course is a great opportunity to catch up on the latest developments in NO HANDS and give your massage practice a real boost!

You must have completed the NO HANDS ADVANCED training and be a current member of the NO HANDS Massage Association to attend this course.
Not yet trained in NO HANDS Massage? Your journey starts with TRANSFORMING TOUCH

This course will next be running in 2020 – contact us to be among the first to get the new dates