The 2017 New Master Cohort

A HUGE congratulations to our new “2017” Masters:

28 Alaine Hah Kar Lai 2016
29 Farhat Mahmood 2016
30 Wendy Mills 2016
31 Amanda Watson 2016
32 Ros May 2016
33 Sharon Lomax 2017
34 Beth Hunt 2017
35 Nathalie Scullard 2017
36 Beth Lloyd 2017
37 Sophie Crutchley 2017

As has happened once or twice before, you’ll notice something slightly topsy turvy about that list – in that some of our “2017” Masters became Masters in 2016. How can that be? Well, read on…

2016 saw a huge amount of clarity emerge about exactly what NO HANDS is, what it does and what being a Master is. A lot of this was summarised in the Roadmap but this clarity also saw some refinements to the Mastery Assessment Process.

In many ways, becoming a NO HANDS Master is very simple – travel through each stage of the Roadmap and keep stirring mud on the Mastery Programme until you feel ready to put yourself forward for Assessment. The key development in 2016 was to bring Mastery Assessment firmly into the Mastery Programme – recognising the great value in having support both while preparing to become a Master, during the Assessment itself and immediately after becoming a Master!

So, at Mastery Module 2 in July 2016 Gerry announced the new process: the Mastery Programme would still be available to anyone who had trained to Therapist level to continue learning, developing and stirring mud. However, for any Therapist wanting to become a Master as well as booking on Mastery, you declare your “Assessment Year”.

The plan was that Mastery Module 1, 2017 would see two key activities happening: one group of students stirring mud, and another group comprising everyone who had declared 2017 their Assessment Year. This Assessment group would support each other as their work was seen and felt – and, when they were ready, they were endorsed and got to take their Master Exam.

The slight problem with that plan was that we were utterly overwhelmed by people wanting to make 2017 their Assessment Year. It simply wouldn’t have been possible to offer everyone an endorsement session in just three days in March!

So 2017 started early…at Mastery Module 3 2016.

Quite simply, the Assessment Year group have been working together on three separate occasions: Mastery Module 3 2016 , Mastery Module 1 2017 AND a special Assessment weekend in Morecambe in April 2017. Every member of that group had a chance to check out reality (including, for those included in the amazing list at the top of this post, having their work recognised for the truly Masterful Touch that it is) and all with much more ease than the exam process has had in the past.

So what now?

Well, Mastery Module 2 in July will be an absolute stonker: this is where all the new Masters will be celebrated and have the chance to complete their time on this year’s Mastery Programme, say their farewells.

Although they won’t be back for Module 3, these new Masters will fly on to another exciting development for 2017: Masters’ Mastery which takes place over 5 days in September. There they’ll be joined by other NO HANDS Masters to continue learning, sharing, supporting and developing through working direct with Gerry. These Masters have also been having regular supervision with Gerry (much like you can access through Master Support Sessions) and it seems clearer than ever: becoming a Master is a great milestone, but it sure ain’t the end of the journey!

Along with the celebrating, we’ll keep stirring mud at Module 2 – feel tables, contract-into-treatment sessions, “11” sessions and more. For anyone who hasn’t quite made Master this year, they have Module 2 & 3 to keep stirring mud, to take the time they need to embed the learning they gained from their endorsement session and, most importantly, to keep getting the Support we know is crucial to success.

Dates for the Mastery Programme can be found here – to be eligible to attend as an Assessment year you simply need to have achieved Therapist level and completed a year of stirring mud on the Mastery Programme. 

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